【 Costume Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Ning Guang Costume NingGuang

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Customer Reviews

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absolutely breathtaking!

This is such a gorgeous cosplay! The dress is beautiful, the fabric isn't too thick so it's easier to wear in summer. There's lots of embroidery and different materials, as well as beautiful gradients. The vision glows, and the whole costume is just absolutely beautiful! Everything arrived in one piece for me, nothing was broken despite some of the accessories being fragile.
Sadly the shorts were a bit small for me, though that's not a big deal. The gloves are slightly too large, but that's also something that's easy to fix. All in all, I can absolutely recommend this Ningguang dress!
Feel free to check out my tiktok @fee.vee for more videos of this cosplay!!


I ordered my costume 3 weeks ago and was a bit worried about the sizing at first. But it fits like a glove! I am 172 / 5'7" and my clothing size usually variates between L and XL - but this outfit just fits perfectly! It really is so beautifully and well made and I'm so so so happy I got it!
Also - the pants did not fit. I didn't even get them to my knees so - regardless your size keep in mind the pants (black shorts) may be a hit or miss if they actually fit or not. The rest of the dress + arm pieces and tights fit amazing and I'm really beyond happy. The quality is insanely good!


Actually a wonderful cosplay. Some parts were a little fragile, but nothing that super glue can't fix. The fabric is perfect and the details look amazing.

Nika Howard

absolutely amazing cosplay and the quality of everything is perfect!

Sarah Hiscocks
Very good!

Materials were all so nice and good details!

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