About us

We are Hangzhou Otaku Culture Communication Co.,which founded by a group of young people from China, Europe and Japan. Over the years, we have been deeply engaged in nijigen market, integrating animation/game/film and television derivatives development and design, fashion clothing design, professional photography and COSPLAY and other multi-industry links.The Otaku culture's overseas e-commerce brand DOKIDOKI, which focusing on anime,clothes and derivatives.

We are Dokidoki, your professional brand of cosplay.

We are young, passionate and we offer you the best quality costumes and wigs for your cosplay projects.

We provide a wide range of products to satisfy your needs!


We classify our products into 4 categories-N,R, SR, SSR.   

N stands for Normal,which means the cosplay is cheaper and faster.

R stands for Rare, which means the cosplay is qualified for your basic needs.   

SR stands for Super Rare, these products are better in material, style and other details.   

SSR stands for Superior Super Rare, they are like the best card you can get in a game, difficult to make and expensive.