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Presale size next batch ill come out in late Dec

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it's amazing quality and so detailed! just a little hard to attach stuff, sizing is good though (i got M) also, it's normal if shipping is longer on this cosplay. customs may check the vision since it has a battery pack for led light up.

absolutely lovely cosplay!!

dokidoki continues to not disappoint!! i waited quite some time for this cosplay (ordered first when it came out in january, came in june) which was expected, but it’s completely fine :) i also wore dokidoki’s SR quality hu tao cosplay, same size, fit lovely and had great service. they responded to all of my emails in a timely and kind manner, and the craftsmanship never fails.
the fabric came exactly as shows! a lot of the smaller details, like the tassels, came packaged separately and wrapped so that their clasps wouldn’t come off, similar with many other parts. one of my only criticisms would be similar to my thoughts on hu tao—just some smaller bits like the hair clips fell slightly apart, but again, nothing a little hot glue can’t fix ;) i will continue to be a dokidoki customer, i adore their work, and highly recommend this cosplay!! <3

for reference once more, i ordered an L size, i am 5’6.5” and 140 lbs, or 169 cm and 64 kg, and it fit like a charm!! i also wore it with a petticoat under the skirt to give it more volume, like how she looks in game. :)

Details are amazing!

This was the first SR costume I have bought and is for my kid. The quality is hands down some of the best for a store-bought costume, almost, if not just as good as a custom! The attention to detail was wonderful! The material is comfortable and of quality and should last. They hit everything on the mark. The picture is the first try on straight out the package (minus the tassels on the bottom of the dress). With that said, there are a few minor things...

When zipped all the way up, the collar is too tight. Unless you have a smaller than average neck, it will be uncomfortable. The tights are not made for anyone with a big rear. Y'all with a bigger caboose will need to buy another comfortable pair. And last, the fasteners on a few of the accessories aren't the best for attaching. I will probably be changing out a few of them so that they will be more secure while walking around. If you get this costume mostly for being stationary and taking pictures, it will meet your needs. Overall, I will definitely purchase another SR or higher costume.

I really wish there were bigger sizes or at least consideration for those with bigger size thighs and rears!

sarah jordan

i absolutely am in love with this yunjin cosplay!! i have been wanting to cosplay yunjin ever since she came out in the game and i finally can! thank you!

Dina M.
Great quality Yun Jin cosplay

This Yun Jin cosplay quality is amazing, just like all the other SR Genshin Impact cosplays I bought from Dokidoki. The materials are soft and comfortable. The skirt has a nice fluff already, but a petticoat will definitely make the skirt fluffier. The accessories can be a little confusing. It took me a few minutes to figure out the placement of each accessory. Some accessories need to be placed on the wig. Hopefully, someday, Dokidoki will upload a Youtube video showing how to place each accessory. The only minor discomfort about this costume is the collar because it is a little tight if I zip the zipper all the way up. Everything else is perfect! Overall, I am very satisfied with this Yun Jin cosplay!

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