【Size S-XXL】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Shenhe Cosplay Costume Shen He

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The cosplay is for presale

Order processing time is about 4-5 months normally

We are not sure if it delay or come out sooner

Your order will be sent out once the factory finish producing

(we will update here if there are any change

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Customer Reviews

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Shenhe Costume

The costume is absolutely gorgeous, The fabric is very nice and the details are stunning but when I saw how the nappa (bodysuit) was sewn together I knew it was going to tear, its sewn together in a back stitch which is not the greatest idea when it comes to nappa fabric. its sewn much better together where the fabric is see through. I can go over with my sewing machine to make the seaming extra secure. I ordered my costume in size S and its a little tight but fits, but I have noticed the places where the nappa fabric tends to stretch (knees ,Hips and shoulder- from movement) white lines have appeared from the stretch, and I have only been trying it on.(because is nappa coated fabric= its dyed fabric and not very stretchable and the original color is white) The seaming did rip when I bended down, but it's fixable. If we look away from the nappa fabric I think the costume is really pretty, Im just really sad that the body suit fabric isn’t better quality. sadly with time i know it will get worse, so that is definitely something to keep in mind.

I originally left this as a 3 star review, but dokidoki kept removing my review😊 so now I have uploaded it for the 5th time but changed it to a 4 stars review.

Pratial first btach shenhe costume has quality issue ,we are checking it with producing factory ,they are doing quality checking work for every single one costume now ,it won't happen again in next batch goods .you could email us with your order number ,our stuff will help you solve your order issue .

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