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Customer Reviews

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Kazuha cosplay

Amazing cosplay, very good quality and perfectly packed! It is quite hard to get the scarf on but everything else if fine for me. IG:@yuukosplay

José Manuel López García

DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Kazuha Cosplay Costume Men

Lee Hurt
Beautiful cosplay!

There are no instructions, so it's a little difficult to figure out what goes where. I'd recommend looking up a video on how to assemble the cosplay, tying the shirt piece might be confusing if you don't know what you're doing. Other than that, I love this cosplay! It's gorgeous and the details are just so beautiful, it's very well put together. Comfortable too!
My only issue is that the the socks were too big... I'm built like a twig, there's not a lot of fat on my legs, but even with the smallest size, the socks wouldn't stay in place, they kept falling down. I had to pin them to the inside of the shorts and it's kind of uncomfortable to walk like that.

Great Cosplay!

I don't know how to add a photo, but I can safely say this cosplay is really nice and I enjoyed going out as Kazuha. The main parts of the cosplay fit the SR price tag (Pants, shirt, belt accessories, vision, scarf) however I will probably replace the gloves at some point because the threads started to fray with light use. I also bought the wig and geta. The geta shoes themselves are nice quality, but I am going to replace the pleather with cloth before the next convention I go to.

No complaints on the wig! Use hair wax, not hair spray. I had a lot of trouble following tutorials until I got hair wax. But I had a very enjoyable time as Kazuha and I would order from Dokidoki again for my next cosplay.

For reference, I got a medium size when I am about 5'2" 116 lbs. I had no problems with the fit of the cosplay whatsoever.

P.S. Dokidoki please make a tutorial video on the scarf without jumpcuts ;_;

Sr Kazuha

The cosplay is so beautiful! I always so satisfied with Dokidoki products I ordered before, Keqing, Ganyu, Marin. I love the beutiful quality. I took the S one. I’m 156 cm tall, 45 kg, my bust is 81 cm, my waist is 66 cm and my hip is 80 cm. I feel a little small a bit on my waist. The most difficult part of the cosplay is the scarf how to put it. There was some part I was confused how can I put so I checked the tutorial video and than it’s not so difficult. The vision is so beautiful even it’s lightning. The fabric is not just nice and beautiful even is warm too. This is the most best and beautiful Kazuha cosplay I’ve ever have. Sorry for the bad quality photo it was made when I tried at first. Thankyou so much! I will keep buying more from this store!

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