DokiDoki-SR Manga Tian Guan Ci Fu Cosplay Hua Cheng Chinese Valentine's Day Costume Heaven Official's Blessing Huacheng

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The cospaly design is too complicated ,so  factory of this costume need long time for producing ,next batch will come out in Feb 2022  Sorry for the inconvenience . (○’ω’○) 

(we will updare here if there are any change)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautifully made

The amount of detail is amazing, the fabric and every component are amazing; the only defect is that the metallic parts breaks pretty easily and it’s an issue I found in the boots as well… but for the rest, it’s really well made and beautiful

Hua Cheng Tian guan Ci Fu SR Cosplay.

The costume arrived carefree. This one is of incredible quality.
However the chains are extremely fragile in a few seconds they broke into several pieces. The pressures also come off.
The costume is really good but all the little accessories are extremely fragile.

Angelica Trejo

Assembly was confusing but the part i didn’t like the most was the scarf details were stuck together and I had to pull them apart. I didn’t message you about it because the design seemed okay, but for something so expensive, I expected more

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