DokiDoki-SR Game Honkai: Star Rail Cosplay Trailblazer Stelle Costume / Shoes Heroine

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Customer Reviews

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Krissel Navarro
I love it!

Very detailed. Although I thought I could get the shoes as well. Its my first time buying from them anyway. I could come up with something creative for my shoes too.


This is my first costume from Doki Doki and I just love it! The quality, the detailing, the service - everything is top notch! It fits me perfectly in my size, the fabric is very nice and all the fastenings are very well thought out to make the costume look as canonical as possible. The only downside is that I haven't gotten the hang of putting it on by myself yet and need help to button everything up, but it's worth it :)

Thank you so much for the review! We really appreciate your feedback!! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~

Great Quality (with only a few *personal* hiccups)

I really like this cosplay! The quality of the fabrics and detail is Amazing. I could tell that the design was well thought out with care. And I was somehow able to put most accessories on by myself, but I reccomend having help. Also, it’s worth noting, that as a thicker person, the garterbelt might be a concern; However i had no issues with it cutting off circulation or anything. It stretches some! (Though it stretched a lil too much and end up slipping by the end of the night, which isn’t a big deal to me. But you might want fashion tape just I case. )I only had a few problems, but it wasn’t anything sea breaking. Some of them are possibly just a “me” problem. I got the XL size, as it fit my measurements the closest. However, I was aware when buying that my hip measurements were bigger than on the chart, and I was hoping that it’d be possible to squeeze in. It wasn’t LMAO, but that’s fine, I was able to have a tailor add fabric and it fit just fine. So if you wear a 14-16 in women’s pants(American sizes), be ware that it might not fit. The shirt and jacket fit well, no issues. I didn’t get the shoes for financial reasons. My other issue was with the gloves: the fingers were too long, but I’m assuming that’s because they were XL gloves, so they were made for people with longer fingers than mine. I do think that the cutoff at the bottom of the gloves were a bit short, but Stelle’s gloves don’t touch her wrists, so i understand that’s likely intentional to be close to cannon. It just kinda looked weird in person, but that could just be something to get used to. Overall, love this cosplay! Even though I had to do a bit of extra work, it’s still easily one of my favorites I have. Thank you!


I never had an experience with dokidoki costumes before, but this thing isnt sitting right. im pretty sure i took my size, even little bigger but skirt is tight, tight in shoulders but still looks baggy(in bad way). SKIRT BELTS IS DISASTER!!!! Ive had to rip them off bc they were tucking underneath the skirt. gloves are weird too, kind of too long
Yes it need some work to male it look at least decent, but costume itself is pretty, i love the ornaments, those are made beautifully. so its great and beautiful costume on the hanger, not on the person. maybe size up would do, i don't know

Good, but…

Some of the straps for the buttons went loose while I was trying the outfit on, plus the cosplay only came with one glove.

We are very sorry about that!! Please contact us at, we can send the missing part to you!