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Customer Reviews

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Yae Miko

Great cosplay!

Yae miko cosplay review 💓

Amazing as always it was the perfect size and all of it was amazing!💓

Dina M.
Gorgeous Miko cosplay

Finally, I have a chance to try this costume on. Among all of my SR costume I purchased from Dokidoki, this costume is arguably the most complicated cosplay to wear when it comes to the placement of its accessories. This costume is really gorgeous and very detailed. The quality is excellent, and it's very comfortable to wear. The waist part of the pants has elastic, so it can stretch several centimeters. The obi belt has 3 sets of buttons in the back area so it can be adjusted according to your waist size. It comes with the pink fox ears, but the small golden clips that come with them are not strong enough to hold the ears when I put on the earrings. Yes, the earrings are too heavy for the ears. Stronger clips will be needed to secure the ears for the heavy earrings. The metal triangle to secure the bow to the obi belt is also not strong enough. The bow will fall when I walk or move too much. I wish they could use buttons or velcro for attaching the bow to the obi belt instead of using the small metal triangle thingy. Also, one thing I notice is that the style of the bow is changed slightly for this second batch. The white ropes of the bow is supposed to be hanging loosely, but somehow, 1/3 Delusion changed the style so the white ropes are now completely sewn to the bow. Despite this minor change of style, I still think that the costume is really beautiful.


This Cosplay is just perfect i really like how it fits and all the details. The fabric is also really high quality.
There is a pair of ears u will also get shipped whitj the cosplay but theyre kinfa hard to attatch and the earrings are really heavy so its hart to make it hold.
over all its easy to wear and really comfortable.
If you have any questions i can answer them just write me on my insta @dark.sue._ :)

Nico Ontiveros
Absolutely beautiful

Everything was beautiful and quite comfortable, took a while to arrive but that was expected as it was presale

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