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the cloak is very heavey (over 3 kgs ),so the shipping fee of this costume is  expensive than others.

$5 off discount code" Columbina"  for customers who ordered the deposit

Asian size-Please read the size chart carefully. (◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)Welcome contact us for help about size choosing with your height ,weight ,waist ,bust,hip measurement.

Customer Reviews

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Jamaal Stanton

It is absolutely so nice. 10/10. The coat is just a bit big and long for average height people, especially small people. But you can fix that by wearing platforms 😉 I’m very picky with cosplay but i can say this one is really good. If i have some time hopefully i can post more photos here and my full columbina cosplay if my wig arrives. ☺️

very good, but only because i‘m very tall

Like the other review said: the cosplay‘s quality is very nice, but i think for anyone who isn‘t as tall as me (1,78m) the cloak will be very very very long, additionally to it being heavy it‘ll probably slide off anyone‘s shoulders whos smaller than i am.

For my height and body shape it‘s a perfect cosplay, I can‘t complain, I ordered an L (height: 1,78m, weight: 61kg) and the dress fits nicely, not too short but very see-through when it comes to lining on your underwear or different colored underwear. my shoulders are barely wide enough so the cloak doesnt slide off. still if i bend down just a tiny bit the cloak will have a lot of overhang on the ground immediately, since its so long.

also, if anyone is looking on how to attach the fur to the coat: you need to search for tiny black loops inside the fur - it took me 30mins to find them and i considered sewing it on myself before i found the first loop haha

Was excited for this but got disappointed instead

I was so excited to try on this cosplay since I just got it, but it really wasn't meeting my excitement. Like everyone else's reviews, there are quite a lot of aspects that need to be improved.

There are some things I would like to point out as well. I ordered the full set (large) and am 163 cm + ~63kg. I legit emailed Dokidoki for help on sizing, and they told me that the large set fits me but the cloak was way too big for me. So if you ever, EVER plan on getting the Columbina cosplay from here, it's best to buy the dress and the cloak separately cuz currently the sets aren't that versatile in sizing combos.

One thing that I found different than the other reviews is that the length of the dress just BARELY covers my butt and mind you that I got the large sized. So take the sizing with a very huge grain of salt. Like other reviews, the dress is stretchy but way too transparent.

Regarding the cloak, first impression was that it looked like it was made outta felt. I was expecting a smoother and more flowy fabric, but nope! Another thing is that the shoulders have shoulder pads to them - it's really boxy, so make sure the cloak is fitted. DO NOT get a cloak that's one size larger or what not.

Haven't tried attaching the fur piece on yet, but while unpacking it from the vacuum sealed bag, I was able to pull a bit of the fur off the fur piece...The hood is so big, why? Don't know if this is concern for other sizing, but I legit can hide my entire face in it...
Also, length of the cloak - I have to wear 5" heels in order for the bottom of the cape to not be dragged across the floor when walking. And the glitter that's on the cloak comes off really easily.

Wig is super smooth and silky. But my goshhh, what was that eye covering piece - I thought it was some extra ribbon they included. The hair accessories aren't that good of a quality, but the accessories on and for the cloak is fine.

Overall, I don't really recommend buying the full set from here...

its ok

first of all, the other reviews make really good points that i totally agree with so read their thoughts too. I got a size S and im about 150 cm.

the cloak + fur - is very pretty and accurate to the model, but the material is not so great. it feels as if it would attract lint very easily, and pill up with friction. almost like a cheap cotton or polyester. I'm not really familiar with fabrics so I don't know what exactly it is. the weight I don't mind, but it's true that it tends to slip off easily if you bend forward, backward, etc. the fur is nice and fluffy, but when it sheds it sticks to the fabric of the cloak. i would've liked a guide because i didn't know how to put it on until i read the other review saying there were loops.
the length is long, it does drag a bit. It could be because i'm on the smaller side, but if i were slightly taller It would just barely graze the floor. again, would've liked a guide where to put the accessories because the harbinger gem and the metal pins on the side of the cloak starting clinking together.
I was planning on wearing this to a con, but now I'm not so sure because i'm afraid it'll get dirty really easily. considering i paid extra for shipping on this cloak specifically, i'm really disappointed.

the accessories - most of these were actually nice. the dress was ok, sheer as mentioned by other people and kinda forms to the body. the bow has some kind of base foam in it, but i like it because it helps exaggerate that part. at first i didn't really like the design of the dress, but it grew on me. the wrapping parts for the legs though, those come in these rolls that you're supposed to wrap around your arms/legs. I didn't really like those but you could just not wear them. the mask was very very flimsey and broke on the first wear. if you can invest in a durable mask, i highly advise that. the hair clip on the back is actually nice, could use some work but it's nice for what it is. one of the reasons i chose this cosplay instead of another one is because of the hair accessories, and they didn't disappoint. however, take that opinion with a grain of salt because my standards are kind of low. the cloak attachments are metal and nice quality, i'm quite happy about those. the rope is not heavy and just feels like braided cotton.

anyways, my overall feelings are: its alright. it's pretty, don't get me wrong, but if i had the budget/skills i would've just made this myself or gotten it somewhere else. just disappointed. despite my suspicions, ill wear this to a con and see how it goes. good luck!

Its ok

I just wish you could’ve actually worn it as a cloak but the hat part is just loose from the fur and you can choose to either have it inside or on the outside of the hood.

The shirt is transparent slightly, but it’ll show underwear and anything underneath but how nice with curves but the bow feels like it has styrofoam inside.

The feathers that you clip to the back of your head are made cheaply and I had to tear them apart and rework it and add more feathers because it was 4, not 6.

The eye coverage is flimsy and transparent, hard to put on the wig. The wig itself is too heavy to wear without pins, but silky and soft.

The cloak is incredibly difficult to store, can be too long if underneath 180 cms and cloak can’t close with attachments on top. It’s genuinely got good quality just a bad way of having been made.

The cloak is incredibly difficult to keep on your shoulders and will fall off at any sudden movement. I don’t really recommend it for the price unless you have the equipment to make changes and are pretty tall.

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