DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Venti Accessory Harp

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The material is wood

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Mars


so pretty💕!!

I am a fan of the quality! The wood is so beautiful and detailed. I am also happy that it reached me flawlessly🙏🏻

Late but great

I ordered my cosplay and lyre at the same time, I expected both to arrive around the same time as well but that was not the case. I went to an event shortly after the Venti cosplay went in and the lyre arrived weeks after it. I did get to bring it along to the next place I attended as Venti and it looks amazing! It perfectly puts the whole piece together.

Vaughn Hall
Decent quality, very visible defects

While the structure and materials of the harp are very nice, there are very major details that ruin the prop for me. Upon opening the package, I immediately noticed that there was a giant chip on the left point of the harp. There were no broken parts and it was so carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, which means I was unfortunately sent a broken product from the factory. Also pictured are the golden accents to the harp clearly not fitting into the etchings to designate their space. It looks so high quality upon first glance, but inspecting more than just a few seconds highlights the poor build quality of the prop I specifically received.

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