DokiDoki-SR Anime Mo Dao Zu Shi Cosplay Wei Wuxian Mo Xuan Yu Costume Men Wei Wu Xian Dao Mo To Shi

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Most Beautiful Costume I Own

This had been a dream cosplay of mine for a while, so I finally decided to buy it, and it was the best decision I could've made. The craftsmanship is absolutely astounding, and everything about the costume is just filled to the brim with quality. There wasn't anything that didn't fit perfectly or look gorgeous on. The materials are incredible, and I just can't stress enough how beautiful it is. If you're debating whether or not to buy it, please do. You won't regret it one bit!


I can you not - I don’t even know where to begin this Cosplay is absolutely stunning the quality is beautiful and extremely well made, very comfortable as well!!!


I absolutely love the costume, all details are phenomenal and even the costume itself came packed with a nice parfume, no factory odor! It is a little hard to iron the wrinkles out, but the texture in the cloth does not deteriorate even after doing it. For me it was a little wide, but the length was fine (I'm 170cm/5'7" and 50kg/~110 lbs). The colour is more purplish than the pics, as seen on video. It feels extremely nice on the body, silky even, but it can get warm pretty fast. The pants are really elastic as well, everything is exactly like in the presentation pics that the site offers.

Customer service was amazing and shipping was rather fast too!
It already is stated in the product's description, but I will add as well - the flute is not included.

For more pictures, feel free to check out my Instagram @RandomBlueCosplays !

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