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Customer Reviews

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Lumine Kuz
Looks stunning!!

Definitely the most comfy cosplay I’ve ever worn and it looks absolutely stunning. My only tiny issues are that there are some loose strings of fabric I’ve had to cut off of the sleeves and that I’m not really sure how to exactly do the inside part of the inner robe (not the regular tying but there’s like those two long pieces of cloth inside and idk what those are for). (Disclaimer: the Hua Cheng cosplay in the vid is not from Dokidokicos, my friend made that themselves.)

Patricia K.
My granddaughter loves it!

Purchased for my granddaughter- it fits, it’s comfortable, well made. She’s happy!

Anastasiia S.

The cosplay is perfect. Fabric is really beautiful and breathable

Beautifully designed!

I love this cosplay so much, it’s made with such nice fabrics and was packaged very well. Truly a perfect cosplay for Xie Lian.


This comes with 2 coats, pants, a belt, 3 wraps, a hair bun stick, and a temporary tattoo set. Can I just say Doki Doki never lets down on the fabric quality. It's stunning and beautiful! The color is an off-white or eggshell and the pants are white---but since the coats cover the pants it doesn't make the colors clash too much.
I purchased the size L (I'm 150lbs & 5'6) and it fits really well with my broad shoulders and long torso, except the belt was a little tight--though I expected that since their belts tend to run shorter than expected (I do tend to fix these with an added strip of felt and velcro).
The fabric is heavy but also breathable, you may sweat in hot weather but at least you won't die from heat stroke!
Photos are from right out of the package. Doki Doki packages the costumes well and tight and sends them with a few packets of lavender to make sure the clothing doesn't smell when it arrives. As you can see the L does look a little long on me but when I put on my boots the length is correct (not wearing boots in photos).
All in all I definitely recommend this cosplay for anyone interested. WORTH IT!

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