【Ready For Ship】【S-2XL】DokiDoki-R Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Cosplay Akiyama Mizuki Lolita Cosplay Costume

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Rachael Kovacek

【S-2XL】DokiDoki-R Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Cosplay Akiyama Mizuki Lolita Cosplay Costume

Janelle Mraz

I love this Cosplay thank you qwq

Billie Rutland

It arrived on time and in good condition. Only downside is that it took me a while to undo the zip.

Tu casa
Overpriced & not too accurate

Ok, so, this is the first cosplay I have ever bought, so I don't know whats good and what's bad, but I can still talk about this cosplay.
The cosplay, including shipping, was about 130 dollars. I'm guessing that's about the average price for a bought cosplay, but, not for this... I had also ordered this on September 28th, and I recieved it on Nov 2 which is today. Keep in mind that I do live in Ontario
1. The skirt
The skirt was quite short in the back, and the zipper was horrible. I had a hard time zipping it down and an even worse time zipping it up. It took about 10 minutes just trying to zip it up past the seam(?). The pleats on the right are nice, but the black part of the skirt could have been done better.

2. The socks
The socks were quite thin, and we're like a nylon material, but they did stay up very nicely and I will give them that. The accuracy is a bit off. They don't even reach my knees and they're cut right across, like normal knee highs.

3. The jacket
Now I talked about accuracy before, and it comes into play here again. As you can see on the back of the jacket, there are two button like things, and at the bottom is like a cloud texture in a way. Now on mine, the buttons are missing and at the bottom it's more like a wave. This won't bother me too much ig tho.

4. The shirt
Now I have positive opinions on the shirt. The colour is accurate, the collar is accurate, and it fits really nicely on me! There were no loose threads either. Very very nice.

5. Smaller details
The only two accessories that come with the cosplay are the ribbon and the bow. The bow is attached with a safety pin, but the pin isn't actually sewed onto the bow, just kinda put through the middle of it. The black and pink ribbon that goes underneath the collar was nice too, though the pink is a little darker than shown in the photo.

That's all I have to really say. Even though I do have some issues, I will still be keeping this cosplay because I love mizuki and everything mizuki. although I'm a little disappointed, I didn't even really know what to expect in the first place, since it was my first bought cosplay. I'm not quite sure if I'll be buying from here again though, maybe it's just because it's rated R instead of SR or SSR. OhH YEA AND IGNORE THE SUPER DIRTY MIRROR!!!

its ok ig

All i can say is that the cosplay was too small, Apparently its 81-90 in waist but ofc its not, its 80 cm in waist. The cosplay is also really low on quality, i didnt expect alot due to it being in category "R" but this is like the worst cosplay i have ever gotten. Also when i tried getting a refund they told me that they wont refund the shipping (its worth more than the cosp it self). Dont buy this.

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