DokiDoki-R Genshin impact Kazuha Cosplay Costume Men

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Arianna Suarez
Good Cosplay just ordered the wrong size

The material of it was very nice and it was very well made. I had just ordered the wrong size. The pants and the shirt did not fit me so I had to order another size.

Electrode The Awesome
XL is to small, and I'm not even overweigh just wide shoulders :D

kinda smull

Beautiful Cosplay!

The cosplay is absolutely gorgeous. The quality and detail of the fabric is very high for an R rank and the stitching and craftsmanship of all the clothes feel very high as well. The only issue I had with said clothes was that the elastic for the shirt button popped pretty quickly, however that was a very easy fix.
The accessories were also very pretty, however the quality was lacking with them a bit, as many of the pieces (like the shoulder armor and chest pin) came broken and had to be repaired with glue. The leaves are also made out of a thick paper, so I would find a way to reinforce them or be extremely careful due to their delicacy. Once everything was repaired, however, they looked great!
The only real complaint I have is that the cosplay was very difficult to put on without any instruction. There are so many individual pieces to maintain accuracy to the source material, so that leads to some complication in the putting on process. Any kind of guide book or maybe a video would be extremely helpful and could prevent items from being mishandled and broken.
Overall, I am super pleased! The cosplay is absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Hanin Noor
Great R cosplay

This is my first time ordering from doki doki cosplay, and I’m very pleased. I thought since this was an R rated cosplay that the sizing would be off, but it was actually very accurate. My only complaints are that some of the painting was off and so was the vision. You couldn’t really see it though. I also got the wrong size (that’s on me not the company) so in this photo I wasn’t able to wear some parts.

XL size way too small, shipping costs too expensive.

I had thought this was the ideal cosplay for me, it was there in XL size and the measurements seemed to be allright. After paying an extra 60 euros in shipping (on top of the expensive but reasonable price of the costume) I've had to wait an entire month to receive it.
And once I tried it on I realised it was all way too small. The pants wouldn't even come on, the white shirt couldn't close, my shoulders were too wide for it and the belt was 2/3rds around me when it ran out of length. And i'm by no means a fat person.
Luckily I have a great mother who ended up reconstructing the entire outfit so it would fit me.
All in all, not worth the 150 euros I paid for, quite a big disappointment.

Hi dear
We chcked your order ,you paid $41 USD for express shipping (costume +wig)Not 60 euro.
You placed the order on 23th Oct ,the wig arrived on 28th Oct ,the costume arrived on 1st Nov .

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