DokiDoki Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Scaramouche Cosplay Hat

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The hat is a handmade product, so there may be some small imperfections. (Small uneven paint, or paint scratches). That's normal, and it doesn’t affect the usage of the hat but if you mind, please refer from ordering.

In order to reduce the packing volume of the hat , we made a detachable version specially for you guys. Because of this, some of the accessories will need a bit of manual attachment - we will upload installation video tutorial later.

The details of the detachable version hat is  little different from the picture shown , please refer to the video.


  1. 1. Place thehat in a big surface and make sure to check the video explanation first. Check that you have all the pieces.

Place the golden brim around the hat, making sure that the joints are on the same side. Fix the hat and the brim with the connecting strips.


2.Black PVC board shapes.

Place the black PVC shapes in the right position. The positions of the two holes on the PVC board are aligned with the beginning of the notch, and the remaining two pieces are placed according to the marked positions. To finish, place the screws through the PVC board and fix them with a nut.


3.Golden pattern piece.

For the golden pattern piece, pay attention to the four corners alignment. Then fix the golden piece in place with glue.



Pay attention to the orientation of the mask and fix it in place with needles and thread. Finally tie the knot to prevent the mask from falling off.


5.Fan-shaped golden embroidery piece.

Pay attention to the placement and stick it firmly with glue.


6.To fix the black PVC shapes in place, pass the transparent thread through the PVC board and tie the knot around the hat.


7.The long golden connecting strip pass through the perforated PVC board to create a loop fix the decoration. Place the decorative hooks though the golden loops.


8.Four metal pieces.

Fix them in front of the three-dimensional decoration with glue.



Please note that the ribbon is placed under the mask. Once placed, sew the two corners of the ribbon and the brim of the hat with a needle. Pay attention to keeping a certain arc in the middle of the piece.


10.Red string jewelry

Tie the red string jewelry on both sides of the hat, and pay attention to pushing the metal strap to the top.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lucas Beneze
Amazing quality

The hat is absolutely gorgeous. There isn’t a single complaint I can think of! I’m so excited to wear it and jingle loudly at every convention!

Amandine Forestier

Nice quality, but a little fragile on the details

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