【Ready For Ship 】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Scaramouche Cosplay Costume/Shoes

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great cosplay :)

Everything fits very comfortably and almost all the pieces came perfect except for the loops on the footwraps that hold the dangly, one was missing and the other broke as soon as i tried to attach the piece. The top of the footwrap is also a bit tight I ordered on the 7th and it got here on the 23rd, so timing is as expected.

Haja Bana

The belt is a bit tight on me but it’s fine the the socks r kinda tight as well the wrist cuffs r also tight b it other than that it’s fine it’s really comfortable and overall would recommend it

Comfortable and detailed!

I decided on buying this cosplay here rather than other websites because of the different types of fabric used and I don't regret it. There was a lot of effort put into making this accurate to the actual design, which is really nice for a Genshin cosplay.
The issues I found after wearing it several days at a con are how the undershirt pills easily, the snap on buttons holding the belt together are delicate, and there isn't much room around the top of the socks where there's leather. I also accidently broke off the tassels at the end of the sleeves almost immediately, so be careful with how you're moving around.
The shorts have slight elasticity in the back, and the shirt and coat are roomy, which I appreciated a lot since it makes it one of the more comfortable cosplays I own. Some of the items might need some help in putting on, such as the necklace and wrist guards.
Overall though, I would definitely recommend!

Cosplay Incroyable 5/5

Le cosplay est encore plus beau en vrai que sur les photos, il est un peu petit pour moi mais avec un corset et / ou un short gainant en dessous ça fait très bien l’affaire, je recommande de prendre 2 tailles au dessus car même si il est un peu large ça rendra quand même super bien !
Pour le lavage je l’ai lavé à la main dans ma baignoire à l’eau tiède ( surtout lavez le t shirt à part parce que son violet déteint énormément )
Pour les getas, je fais du 39 et j’ai pris la taille M en 38/39 et c’est parfait
Une qualité monstrueuse mais attention au symbole électro sur la poitrine qui est très très fragile

It's pretty good.

The shoes came in quickly, but I did have to wait a bit for the cosplay, which I don't mind. The cosplay is pretty good quality, but it can be complicated for some bits. Overall, it's a great cosplay. The gloves were a bit tight, but that's all.

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