DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Sucrose Costume/Shoes Women

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 We will see the boots separately ,it is not included in the costume


The cospaly design is too complicated ,so  factory of this costume need long time for producing ,order processing time can't be promised .(at least 5 months or longer )Sorry for the inconvenience . (○’ω’○) 

We will ship your order immediately once the fatcory finish producing .^u^

Next btach will come out in May 2021

People who ordered the deposit can use the discount code-Sucrose /Sucrose2

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Bagnall

Gorgeous costume! The details are beautiful! It looks just like the photo! It didn’t provide hip measurements so for those ordering in the future a large fits up to 102cm hip maximum. I highly recommend the outfit!

Overall Satisfied

The product was all well made and in great quality and I say fair for it's price. It fit me pretty well besides the bust being too big which I expected. BUT I got a size bigger than what the size chart said and behold it fit me snug despite going a size up.

In short, you would need to order a size larger and may still be a bit tight, but it was in great quality and came in all together well packaged. I love it!

Chantal L.
It's so pretty!

When I saw that my size was in stock for this cosplay I decided pretty much on a whim to order it. I have no regrets as the cosplay is so pretty! The bodysuit is covered in glitters which I love and all the small details are real metal. I did receive one that was broken but that was only the metal clasp which was very easy to glue on again so nothing too big.

The cosplay also fits perfectly. The only issue I have are the socks which are too small for my thighs so be wary of that if your thighs are a bit bigger. The gloves also fit a bit tightly but that's just putting them on carefully haha.

All in all a very pretty cosplay (and wig which I also got from DokiDoki)!

Sora Trancy
Everything I could've hoped for

I pre-ordered this day 1 of it being on the site. It just arrived today, so here's my open and honest review;

I purchased an XL, and I'm glad that I did. I am a 38-31-42 and it is pretty snug on my hips/thighs, while being fairly loose on the bust. Height-wise, it fits pretty well, considering I have a pretty short torso. The socks are unfortunately way too small for my thighs, but that's an easy thing to replace. The gloves fit surprisingly well, and the thumb is just slightly too long. But they are the best quality cosplay gloves I've ever received!!

Fabric is top notch, and absolutely gorgeous. Very high quality stitching and finishing work (only a few stray threads) and no chemical smell. Very comfortable to wear.

The printed pieces are beautiful! Very smooth with no rough edges. They are a bit heavy though, and I find the one on the front of the dress does sag a bit if I lean over. Also I have to be wary of how quickly I move/turn, because the pieces on the back and sleeves do swing out because of the weight. Unfortunately, my vision has a tip that was broken off (photographed) and the tip wasn't in the package so I couldn't fix it, and doesn't light up either. A few pieces also had their metal fasteners come unattached during shipment, and one piece was missing a fastener entirely (pictured.)

The glasses are a big no. Very cheap and the paint was chipping off (pictured) before I even pulled them out of the package. I luckily already have a pair that I was planning on using, but just an FYI for anyone looking into buying this cosplay.

Final words, TLDR:
Overall, even with the issues, this cosplay is a solid 10/10. I am so pleased with everything and am so happy that I waited to purchase this cosplay.

Fit: 9/10
Movement/Comfort: 9/10

I love Meow House cosplays so much, and it makes me so happy that you guys sell them so that it's easier to get them. This cosplay was definitely worth the wait!!

Duncan Cremin

【S/L/XL Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Sucrose Costume/Shoes Women

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