DokiDoki Dao Mo To Shi Cosplay Shounen Wei Wu Xian Teenager Ver Mo Dao Zu Shi Black Long Wig Men

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kera schmidt
Love love love

I love this wig! Easy to style! Use low heat. All I did was reposition the ponytail on the main wig, I did insert a few wig clips to keep the wig in place, once the clip in ponytail is on its gets a bit back heavy, so I strongly suggest clips just to keep it in place ♡ overall, I love the quality!

Love the quality!!

I‘m so in love with the wig, even tho it’s a lil heavy and I really recommend buying a wig band to stop it from slipping if you have a smaller head like me!!
Other than that it’s really nice quality and doesn’t shine too much^^
Wig in the pics isn’t styled that much, only cut his bangs a lil.
If you wanna see more, check out my ig and tt @pm_chibi <3

Kathy Nguyen
Very good quality and fits perfectly!

The details on the outfit were spot on and I love the quality of the outfit. I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

Works for me!

Soft to the touch, relatively easy to comb and store (the ponytail is detachable) and pretty comfortable. The bangs need to be stylized to look like the picture. Also if you have a smol head like me chances are the wig will tend to slide off. Otherwise, it's solid quality, and the ordering was no trouble at all.

Nick Vancamp
Good quality!

Its very comfortable and good quality! (Just remember you need to cut and style the bangs yourself)

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