About us

DOKIDOKI is born from the shared passion of cosplayers from China, Europe, and Japan, who believe cosplay is not just a hobby, but a passionate art form. With a keen focus on costumes, wigs, and accessories, we've poured years of dedication into serving our community with unwavering love and commitment.

Our products have garnered us esteemed recognition from various game, anime, and manga companies, platforms, and fan-art artists. Our products, for instance, officially licensed costumes of "Heaven Official's Blessing" and "The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System", have wildly praised among our customers. Check the 10000+ customer reviews, if you still have doubt about our products and quality.

To help you find a suitable cosplay in your budget efficiently , We categorized our products into four classes:
- N (Normal): affordable choices, delivering speed and value.
- R (Rare): Skillfully crafted, high cost-effective cosplay .
- SR (Super Rare): Most well-known and recommended! Dazzling designs highlighted by fabulous fabrics, metallic accessories, and intricate embroidery.
- SSR (Superior Super Rare): Elevate your cosplay to a near-commission level of artistry. These cosplays shine with the finest materials and meticulous detailing.

Can't spot your dream cosplay or size? Explore our exclusive commission service.

At DOKIDOKI, we cherish every costumer's love for their dream characters. Dream wildly and let us help bring your dreams to life.  


If you are not satisfied with our cosplay, you can refund or exchange your order. When you receive your parcel, please check that you have received your order in full. If there are missing or damaged items, please email your order number and the issue to dokidokicosplay2019@gmail.com and our team will take care of it as soon as possible.^ ^

 (Our policy is valid for 15 days, if your order has been delivered for 15 days we will not be able to offer you a refund or exchange).