After-Sales Service

> Order Cancellation

Order can be cancelled whenever before we shippied out .

>Order Didn't Arrive 

If the packge takes over 3 months in transit (4-5 months Brazil & Mexico&Chile )and still didn't arrive or lost ,we can offer full refund .

If the delivery fails due to the recipient's fault (Wrong shipping address/Rejection etc ), we will not offer any compensation. 

> Product defective

The fabric of the cosplay costume is much more complex than ordinary clothing ,usually  there are many prints on the fabric ,therefore they are not  as durable as normal clothing.

Due to the long distance transportation, the clothes may be wrinkled and uneven during delivery. After you receive it, you can ask customer service for a [washing guide] for ironing treatment. Clothes will soon be restored to flat ~

When you receive the package, please check If you receive your order completely. If there is missing or damaged, please send us a mail to with your order number and issue and the team will take care of it as soon as possible.^ ^

(The customer must email us within 15 days after the package delivered successfully.

If you are confused about how to dress up, you can search [DokiDoki Cosplay] on Youtube, we have dressing tutorials on our channel.