Costume Washing & Storage Guide


The fabric of the cosplay costume is much more complex than ordinary clothing ,usually there are many prints on the fabric ,therefore they are not  as durable as normal clothing,When wearing and washing, you need to be more careful .

-Dark and light colors must be washed separately, do not mix color washing.

-If there are dark and light colors on a garment, such as black and white or red and white, it can’t be washed in machine or be soaked.

-Bleach should not be used for colors other than white. Do not soak any fabric in disinfectant or alcohol for washing.

-If you want to iron your costume but you don’t know the material and properties of the fabric, please try ironing a small area of the clothing with the lowest temperature setting. Please make sure the ironing is feasible before you start ironing.

-Fabrics containing cotton, linen or silk can experience a certain level of shrinkage when washed, which is a normal phenomenon. Please be aware of that.

-If the clothes have laser cut parts, please be sure to hand wash, not machine wash.

-Please remove all removable parts from the garment before washing, especially metal parts.

-When you are not wearing them, please fold the clothes separately by dark and light colors for storage. Keep the clothes in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid high temperature and humidity.

-It is best to hang the leather costume instead of folding it. If folding it, please place a layer of paper between each layer to prevent staining.