【S/M/XL Ready For Ship】【Size S-XXL】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Hutao Cosplay Costume Hu Tao Costume Halloween

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 The next batch of presale size will come out in Dec.

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sooo goooood!!

this cosplay has AMAZING quality especially the hat for me imo!! a lot of people said the cosplay looked really good and i agree :D the cost is a bit high for me(especially shipping:/) but its really worth considering what youre getting! the accessories are accurate and the rings are pretty :) one thing to note, the accessories are to be pinned on, and the ones on the sleeves fell off quite easily for me.

for sizing, im 5'5(165cm) and about 99lbs(45kg). i got an s size and it fit suuuper well. though the shorts took a bit to pull up, they still fit very well and werent too tight or anything. i think the socks are a one size fit all kinda thing, but they might be a bit tight if your calves are a little chonky D: i usually wear EU size 39 shoes, but the L size shoes were a little small for me so i recommend XL if you have around the same foot size !!

overall very good cosplay, would buy from here again when i have money hehe heres a pic of me and a zhongli cosplayer i met

Savannah Kerins

When I first got the cosplay i thought it was very hard to get in. I then found out there was a zipper on the side. It was very helpful. All the accessories are there. The rings break very easily and are extremely fragile. But overall an amazing cosplay.

Missing hanging piece on brown coat

The outfit overall was very nice and I really like it, the only problem was the missing 2 hanging pieces that hangs on the middle section of the brown coat. It only had 1 of them stitched on while the other was missing when I received the order.


Really nice feeling and looking cosplay! I bought this for a con and received many compliments on how high-quality it looked (definitely worth the slightly higher price)!! It is also very flattering in my opinion.

In terms of sizing, I am 5'4 and 100lbs and bought a S. I was a bit worried about it being too short (like cut for someone shorter then me) but there's no issues there! I definitely recommend sizing mostly in terms of weight/measurements as opposed to height. Only issue is that the chest was tight enough to where I couldn't wear a bra and I'm already pretty flat (32b), so maybe size up if you're bustier then me? It's canon accurate I guess....

Amazing Cosplay!!

This is literally the best Cosplay I have ever bought! It fits perfectly and the quality is just awesome!! :D I‘m soo so happy with it!

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