DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Kazuha Cosplay Costume Men

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Order processing time is about  4-5 months normally

Next batch will come out in the end of August  or the beginning of September

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Customer Reviews

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Great Cosplay!

I don't know how to add a photo, but I can safely say this cosplay is really nice and I enjoyed going out as Kazuha. The main parts of the cosplay fit the SR price tag (Pants, shirt, belt accessories, vision, scarf) however I will probably replace the gloves at some point because the threads started to fray with light use. I also bought the wig and geta. The geta shoes themselves are nice quality, but I am going to replace the pleather with cloth before the next convention I go to.

No complaints on the wig! Use hair wax, not hair spray. I had a lot of trouble following tutorials until I got hair wax. But I had a very enjoyable time as Kazuha and I would order from Dokidoki again for my next cosplay.

For reference, I got a medium size when I am about 5'2" 116 lbs. I had no problems with the fit of the cosplay whatsoever.

P.S. Dokidoki please make a tutorial video on the scarf without jumpcuts ;_;

Sr Kazuha

The cosplay is so beautiful! I always so satisfied with Dokidoki products I ordered before, Keqing, Ganyu, Marin. I love the beutiful quality. I took the S one. I’m 156 cm tall, 45 kg, my bust is 81 cm, my waist is 66 cm and my hip is 80 cm. I feel a little small a bit on my waist. The most difficult part of the cosplay is the scarf how to put it. There was some part I was confused how can I put so I checked the tutorial video and than it’s not so difficult. The vision is so beautiful even it’s lightning. The fabric is not just nice and beautiful even is warm too. This is the most best and beautiful Kazuha cosplay I’ve ever have. Sorry for the bad quality photo it was made when I tried at first. Thankyou so much! I will keep buying more from this store!

Kaitlyn Cam
Kazuha SR

Worth the money! Every part of the costume came in amazing quality! I was a little worried since the price is as high as it is; but it's definitely worth it!!

Very good quality (long review ahead)

The cosplay is exactly as shown, really good quality! I'm 1,67 cm tall and I weight 65 kg, got an L and it fits perfectly. I'm from Italy and got it in exaclty three months.

- the accessories are made with metal (most likely aluminum), This means that they can be a little delicate but at the same time they look very beautiful.
- the vision is STUNNING in my opinion. It's also on the heavier side so it makes it very "realistic". Also, both the vision and the red-knot with the with pom-pom are both hot glued and sewn to the pin needed to attach it on the fabric. I won't be able to try and see if they can endure a convention until november but my hopes are really high!
- the pants are elasticized, the belt has four buttons and the elastic to hold the dark part of the kimono has several button-holes. This makes the cosplay fit to your body shape.
- the socks are a beautiful shade of red and it works a bit like a glove: the big toe is separated from the rest so you can wear the shoes comfortably. They might slide off once in a while so I recommend wearing them with some tights, best if sewn or taped together.
- the "leather" things on the calves are nice (really resemble leather and not some cheap plastic) and come with a zipper! Good thing they're not elastic.
- doesn't seem like too heavy nor too light: the fabric seems perfect for cons in Spring/Autumn or even Winter if the convention is inside a building. You'll definitely suffer if you stay under the sun in the summer since it's a bit layered.

- the white shirt is an absolute nightmare to put on. I figured out the strings after a while. Also, I don't know if it's because I'm doing something wrong or if it's just because of my chest size (still need to buy a binder although I'm just a 95B italian size) but the top part struggle to stay closed and to hold a general good shape. I think I'm gonna sew some buttons to help it.
- It doesn't help the fact that the white shirt and the dark kimono come as a whole thing sewed together, so while you struggle with the white shirt, the kimono just weights off your shoulder. I think it's good to keep the kimono in its place so it doesn't fall off but I think that some buttons might have solved the problem anyway.
- the scarf is pure magic. Kazuha, my bro, my dude, if you do this every morning you're a magician. I'm definitely gonna sew the front part in the shape I want once I sit down and actually figure it out.

Not a pro nor a con
- I'm not an expert in wigs but it looks nice, its not white, more like light grey, but I appreciate it since it looks more "natural". The only thing is that it needs LOTS of work: its too long for Kazuha, the bangs have to be adjusted and it lacks volume and shape. So be prepared to work on it.
- Be careful with the size: I'm not the thinnest person ever but I'm on the slim side and the whole cosplay fits like a glove. And its an L! I don't know how much loose the XL is but don't base your choice only on the height and weight: carefully measure everything (chest, hips, etc) and refer to the size sheet.
- Had some problem with shipping. I ordered it on the 8th of March and received it on the 8th of June (wow exactly three months!). The processing took 1.5 months, and once they sent me the tracking number it took 12 days to actually start shipping: the package was too heavy (because i've ordered the wig and shoes too) and got stuck and nobody was notified about it. I had to e-mail them, and they separated it. The two packages got stuck several times but the good thing is that customer service is really great at communicating: once you send them an email it only takes a day for them to respond. Also, my local mail (Poste Italiane) made me pay 15 euros for customs, so definitely check on your country's mailing policing before choosing a shipment method.

Hope this review helps you and good luck on your pulls!

Kylian RAOUL

DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Kazuha Cosplay Costume Men

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