【 Ready For Ship】【Size S-2XL】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Shenhe Cosplay Costume Shen He

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Gry Ghost
Surprised by the Details

I was surprised by the quality of the bodysuit as this is my first purchase from dokidoki. There was actually a gradient on the legs! Only issue I have is that I can't raise my arms but that is easily modified. Great cosplay for the price for sure!

love this website and this cosplay

When I ordered this cosplay it said id have to wait till late June but this evening I woke up to a doki doki package at my door when I opened it i loved it!! but i wish there was more instrucions on all the peices and how to put them on {if you want a 3d model go here :) https://i.redd.it/mmtr182p6g181.jpg} but anyway thankyou for the cosplay and enjoy my money that was well spent


Beautiful cosplay. The only negative is that there is a small hole in the fabric on the stomach. And the glove is so small that it hurts.

shenhe sr cosplay

i had been waiting for many many months for this cosplay. after countless emails and 8 months later, i finally have it! the cosplay is so beautiful. it did rip apart on the waist but i did a bit of hand sewing to put it back together. i bought another shenhe sr cosplay since i have a con next month.

i wanted to buy another one in case this one i have is destroyed after con. i just love this cosplay so much. it is tight around the arms and hands.

Patricia Monroig
Ordered on March 2022 and received January 2023

Being a thick girl this cosplay had me scared but the stretch in the material is honestly great! As always, my problem with doki doki are the arms so keep in mind they are tight!!! mobility pretty much doesn't exist with this cosplay. the red tie arounds aren't the best quality so check the glue points to make sure they aren't about to unstick