DokiDoki-SSR Anime Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive Lady

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The cosplay is for presale 

Order processing time is about 120 days normally

Preorders will be shipped out according to the sequence of ordering time (oldest order placed will be sent first). 

Short Version=short dress+hat+stocking+ black ribbon+bust bowknot+dress bowknot+choker+small bustle

Long Version= Long dress+hat+stocking+ black ribbon+bust bowknot+dress bowknot+choker+ big bustle


Advanced Long Version= Long dress+hat+stocking+ black ribbon+bust bowknot+dress bowknot+choker+ big bustle+petticoat


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michel lemonnier

DokiDoki-SSR Anime Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive Lady


Me encanto demasiado, todos los detalles que trae el vestido muy impresionantes.
La verdad ame demasiado el vestido.

Alice Baskerville

It’s absolutely beautiful the fabric is perfect it’s made wonderfully the hat was a little confusing at first and I did have to wear a corset but other than that it was perfect I did forget the gloves in this picture though

Increíble cosplay🥰

Un cosplay de muy buena calidad, cada detalle que muestra en las fotos son idénticas, solo es de ajustar algunos detalles, como ponerle unos tirantes trasparentes (para que no se baje del pecho) y mandarlo a la tintorería, sepan que si ordenan la version larga es tan grande como un vestido de quinceañera, valió la pena créanme.

Dina M.
My first SSR costume, and, wow, it's truly amazing!!!

I've been wanting to get a Ciel Phantomhive Lady costume ever since I saw someone cosplayed this at Anime Expo 2012. Finally, I decided to buy this from Dokidoki. This is the first SSR quality costume I got from Dokidoki, and the quality is really amazing. The materials are excellent and comfortable. 1/3 Delusion really did a great job making this costume. The placement of the accessories is super easy to figure out unlike most of my SR Genshin Impact costumes that took quite some time to figure out how to place and attach all the accessories the first time I got them. I bought the short version so that I can wear this costume easily to some non-cosplay events. The small bustle is big enough to make the skirt fluffy. The entire set is actually quite bulky that they had to ship the dress separately from the accessories (hat, gloves, bustle, ribbons, choker). Overall, I'm very happy with this beautiful costume. I think this the best premade/ready-to-wear Ciel Phantomhive Lady costume I've ever seen.