DokiDoki Anime Heaven Official's Blessing Cosplay Wig Xie Lian Men Long Black Hair Tian Guan Ci Fu Chinese Traditional Style Wig TGCF Black Long Wig

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Customer Reviews

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Great, But tangles way to easy.

the wig arrived earlienr than expected. It was already styled but it tangled basically out of the bag. The main hair part was super easy to detangle but the curtain bang ish part was actually impossbile and it just got worse the more i tried to i had to take out the bun and redo it but it was actually super easy because the bun was a seperate part. Im actually super happy with how it looks right now! And the hair feels so soft.( i somewhat lost my sanity trying to untangle it but anyway)

Hennie White

The wig was super soft and arrived before expected! Only issue im having is the fact that it gets tangled way to easy and got tangled when i was taking it out of the bag. But its easy to brush out and not too much hair falls out either so its great!

Melany Thiel

Парик великолепен. Слов не найти. Спасибо огромное!💖💖💖💖💖

Asha Turner

looks really nice but since it's a long wig it gets tangled easily

Hester Lowe

Soft and doesn’t get tangled as bad as my last xie lian wig! It’s easy to brush and maintain so this wig is def worth worth the wait. It took roughly a month to arrive and came way earlier than expected ^___^ posting my review pics in the sea of mỹ trắngs