【Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Yae Miko Cosplay Costume/Shoes

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A work of art

This costume is a work of art, stunning to look at, it has beautiful fabrics and is very detailed.
I am an average sized tall swedish girl (173 cm or 5'8), meaning I am considered a giant in chinese sizes. However, I was happily suprised that the XL fit me! I even fit my fluffy butt into the built in lace shorts, but they were a bit short when sitting down so I got an extra pair to wear underneath. The waistband is adjustable which means I can breathe when sitting down. There is plenty of room for my boobs, and it's quite nice to have the back open so I don't overheat. The elastic bands in the sleeves are a little bit tight for me, but I can bear with them for a couple of hours and the sleeves does a good job at staying up. Oh, and the little bell for your ankle is so cute and actually makes a sound when you walk!
Overall this is the most comfortable cosplay I've bought from dokidoki.
I had some trouble with the metallic triangle that attaches the bow to my back, but some duct tape fixed the problem lmao. I still haven't figured out how to attach the heavy vision to the soft ears without having them fall off though.
The shoes are beautiful and well made, but super uncomfy and difficult to walk in. I only use them for photos lmao.
It took around 6 months before I got all the pieces I ordered, but considering it was on pre-sale it was pretty expected.


Lo sto portando al gamesweek di quest'anno e lo porterò anche nelle mie stream perché sembra fatto su di me e il tessuto è stupendo. Consigliatissimo.


This Cosplay is Beautiful and the fabric is stunning. The ears are too heavy to fit on the wig but it’s only a minor issue. The electro earring actually glows (but you need batteries) and it’s amazingly bright purple and white, and the bow is massive and it needs some fixing to make it stop falling off which is also a minor issue. It fits me perfectly and the belt can be adjusted with buttons. Nothing was broken when it arrived and everything was just beautiful. I’m not sure what the red ribbon was for but it’s fine. The wig is sort of hard to style but if you use hairspray it will look good. It’s very easy to put on and I would buy off DokiDoki again. This is my second cosplay on Doki Doki.


The costume and everything is perfect and it also fits my body well ,the fabric details are also very nice.
But the vision is really hard to attach.

Shoes are a little big, But well made! Costume lives up to SR ranking

The shoes have enough room in them that I can stick my hand in the straps while I'm wearing them, but they're super well made regardless. I also ordered a 36/37 and it came as a 37, so order smaller if you're on a cusp size. I recommend using some fishing wire to help tie the shoe on, or using some quick stitches around the straps onto some tights to help keep the shoes in place and on

For being straight out of the bag, un-ironed, and put on immediately after it arrived- the costume is extremely impressive. It was a little confusing to completely assemble, and I found that one of the tassels didn't have a hook/clasp on it, but I managed to make it all work. It even came with her earrings, including a light up vision! However, they're solid metal, so unless you put a wire through the ears, they'll come right down. The necklace pendant that hangs on my back is sideways, and not as flush as possible against my back. Also, the way the bow affixes to the back is BRILLIANT! But there's not much of a place to hook the wire onto the bow, so you have to just pinch it between the wire and pray.

In all, this costume is LEAGUES above the rest. I cannot wait to get the wig and ears finished so I can wear this to con!