DokiDoki-SR League of Legends Spirit Blossom Ahri Cosplay Costume Women

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So pretty!

This Cosplay amazed me, the dress it's well made, the fabrics from the costume are extremely rich in soft textures, it feels like a real kimono. The belt and the bow for the waist are really easy to put on, I'm glad the didn't went for velcro because your wig could get stuck.
For the accessories, the ears aren't bad though I would prefer a headband for them. The bows an the bells are really pretty. As for the socks, these are tight, in my case it isn't that bad but could be a problem for others, also there's no white socks for the feet.
I ordered a size S and it fit perfectly, I had room left and my booty wasn't exposed.
Overall, amazing quality.

Absolutely wonderful!

I pre-ordered this costume in September and it finally arrived today! The customer support was super helpful and responded almost within the same day of me asking what the status was while I was waiting <3
The costume is incredibly detailed, every piece has it's own pattern and texture and it is fairly easy to put together. My order was an XL (cause of my bust size), but it is actually a little too big (I wear M/L in Europe). It is not a problem though, because the belt is very adjustable (with a few buttons) so I can just tighten/fix it like that :) Overall it is very comfortable, you can't move your arms too far up though without misplacing some things, but it was expected with the cut of the dress.

The thigh wraps are unfortunately a bit too tight around my thighs (but not as tight as some other "one size" thigh highs you get from online orders, it's probably fine for most ppl), but thanks to the rubber bands on the inside I can easily fix them in the next few days.

I also ordered the wig and it is perfect! Very full, with 3 colors and super soft! Just need to comb it and put some hairspray on it and it's done!
*not featured in the pictures, but there are bows and bells for the ears included as well!

tl;dr: order it (if you're not sure about the size, go smaller probably)!


I love the costume all the fabrics are gorgeous, it includes the bows and the bells that's very nice.
I ordered an XL and it fits very well, but I unfortunately there's things that need to be improved.

The ears
The ears are cute but they don't sit very well on the wig at all.
The base for the ears is thick and white and that makes it really easy to spot if they are not placed correctly . I don't think I'm gonna use them at all :c

The thigh high stockings
The thigh high stockings seem to be a One size fits all and they don't fit me very well, they go a little bit passed my knee and they are SUPER tight leaving marks on my legs

The flower bell at the front
This accessory is not good , the ropes collapse by their on weight and doesn't look like a flower it looks like a sad bow. The petals are too thin and small and they collapse by the weight of the bell. I'm gonna end up remaking this accessory

Overall, the costume is beautiful and I love it.
If you are in doubt about the size go smaller! the belt comes with adjustable buttons for the waist!

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