DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Cosplay Costume Baal Vacation Doujin Casual

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The costume is for presale , order processing time is about 120 days normally.

(we will update here if there are any change).

Preorders will be shipped out according to the sequence of ordering time (oldest order placed will be sent first)

Asian size-Please read the size chart carefully. (◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)Welcome contact us for help about size choosing with your height ,weight ,waist ,bust,hip measurement.

Asian size-Please read the size chart carefully. (◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)Welcome contact us for help about size chooseing with your height ,weight ,waist ,bust,hip measurement.

Customer Reviews

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The material and quality were awesome as always. A little pricey but worth it. My favourite was the haori - it's light and breezy but not flimsy at all. I did some sewing and adjustments on the belt, finger bands, sleeves (of the black top) and the purple chest covering, but it would have been perfectly wearable even if I hadn't. Tip - if you're wearing this to a con in summer or when it's hot, buy a fan that matches the outfit.

So cute and amazing quality

I just love it! Highly recommend

Extremely satisfied with purchase. Comfortable and Stylish Cosplay!

Usually, I'm cautious when ordering from other cosplay sites, but after receiving this as my first cosplay from this site, I will keep coming back! I love this product for a variety of reasons. It is one of my favorite characters from the game, but it comes with such comfortable accessories and garments. There are different ways to wear the item as well. The kimono garment could be worn fully on, or half off, and the sunglasses can be used to pose in different ways for photoshoots. For me, the ones that may need more fitting would be the arm slings that go over your finger, but it stays on fairly well. The quality of the entire outfit is excellent and quite durable as well.

Very High Quality ! Love it :D

This was the first cosplay I've ever bought and it came just in time for halloween! I'm glad I didn't just get some knockoff from Amazon because the quality is really good and is worth the price. The left sock falls sometimes as there is only one clip, but otherwise it comes with everything (hair was bought separately but also from dokidoki). It's really comfortable and isn't too complicated to wear. I love it so much I don't want to take it off :)

Really great cosplay!

This is my first cosplay I’ve ever bought and I really love it. There are some minor issues in the seams but aesthetically it looks great. It is also nice that it’s a lot more casual than the actual raiden shogun design, so it’s much less daunting for me as someone being new to cosplay.

Overall the material quality is good, especially in the modern-yukata, nothing feels itchy. I love the tights but the one on the left rides down due to there being no clip to hold it up, which can be fixed with tape luckily. The red string is a great touch and I’m so excited to wear it with my docs.

One thing I dislike is the way the sleeve (which connects to your finger) sits on the hand (maybe I’m wearing it wrong), but this is from close observation and anybody looking at the cosplay for e.g. while going around a convention won’t notice it.

I also took off the purple band which covers your boobs, it’s not attached to the shirt which is good because I prefer to have it open, I’m really glad there’s an option that suits everyone’s individual preferences!

The delivery speed was super fast, I expected it to take months, so I bought it in preparation for conventions next year. I’m happy it arrived so early, so I can wear it on Halloween!

Doki Doki also sent an air freshener for the clothes which I think was a super nice and considered touch, it makes me feel like they care for the quality and presentation of their products which is nice to see. Even if it’s a small thing it made me pretty happy.

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