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Sarah Horn
jean sr review

the cosplay is so pretty and looks exactly like in the picture. jean stans get y'alls juice 😉

Les gants...

Le cosplay est de bonne qualité mais reçu sans les gants, je suis déçu de ne pas avoir cet élément

From Germany
Good quality but with some flaws

I did order this Cosplay for my friend and it's fitting her well. She is 175cm high and 50-60kg and a very slim EU size S/M. But there were 3 flaws in this Cosplay.

First the gloves aren't even real gloves... this is trash. The form is not even fitting for hands at all. Some other reviews pointed this out too.

Second the mechanic from the vision fell off and isn't fixed. We can glue it on in order for it not to fall out.

Third. It's fitting her because she is slim but I did try on some parts of her cosplay too and I'm 160 hight and 75km with normal to strong build EU Size L. The chocker was missing 5cm for me to close it and and even the arm parts were very small and didn't even go up half of my upper arm.

If you are very slim than this cosplay can fit you but for people who are not only skin and bones it's very dificult to fit in. I can't even imagine the chocker and arm pats to fit me with a size XXL cosplay from the genshin girls.

I find it very discriminating that the sizechart for the girls are all way smaler than the boys.
As example: The Thoma Cosplay in XL is fitting me perfectly but every female genshin cosplay would be far to small for me. A normal EU size L.

And we did order at the beginning of december and the packages arrived in middle march. We had to wait 3 months and some delivery days for them to arrive! ^^
The delivery was fast too!

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