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Customer Reviews

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Leah Neumann
Great Quality Cosplay

It fits really well, just the top being a little tight on my arms. Otherwise, a very well-made cosplay and one of my favorites. The process of putting it all together was a bit tricky, but nothing too difficult. All-in-all, great quality and nearly perfect fit.

Charlie Maddox
Dr baizhu

It's beautiful made but the only reason I'm putting 4 stars is being xl is still too small for me. I'm not exactly huge but I do have broad shoulders and wide hips. I will fit in this one day but there needs to be more largers sizes

Beautiful costume with some tweaks needed

This cosplay costume is beautiful, there are so many details in the materials and accessories. The materials are of very high quality and quite comfortable (exception see below). I could wear the trousers every day ^^.
Every piece fits pretty well, only the top is very tight, especially at the shoulders. I'm not very muscular, but tall (I'm usually wearing size L, European measures), I ordered size XL, but still, the top is very tight. At least the two zippers are helpful.
One downside: the two golden bracelets were too wide. I had to redo the stitches to tighten them so that they won't dangle around that much.
On a site note: the vision can be illuminated but does not come with batteries. Regular Alkali coin cells (2x 1.5V) are needed. I'm using two V10GA/LR54 that I had lying around. They are smaller than the case but do their job.

Luca Stupp
Almost the perfect cosplay for me!!

So I absolutely love all about this, it’s so detailed, everything promised was included and it looks great!! No weird feeling on the skin, no irritation etc. loved it!! Butttt- for someone like me who is underweight but fairly tall, this did not fit the most perfect- a larger size would’ve looked too wide, but this one was really really tight on some parts like the ends of the pants or my struggle to get the top on (I later realized there was infact a second zipper I could open) Other then that my only real other issue is that the string from some of the accessories isn’t properly glued to the connection thingy, almost all of them fell out but that’s a really easy fix so I’m not gonna bug about it :) Overall it looks great, I love it!

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