DokiDoki-R Game Sky Children of Light Cosplay Season of Rhythm Costume Men

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Suit 1 full set:Top + Pants + Waist Seal + Gloves

Suit 2 full set; tops+pants+gloves

The cloak option only have the cloak inlcuded .

Customer Reviews

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Robin Sitar
Great Cape!!

I purchased the orange fuzzy cape, and it is amazing quality. There are 2 layers in the cape, a fuzzy maroon layer beneath, and a soft velvety orange layer on top. It is made of heavier material, so when you spin, it twirls around you (it looks amazing in slow motion). This is my second purchase from this shop and all of the products I get are just like what they picture. I will definitely be buying more products from here again :-D


Very good quality! It fits really good, I bought Size M and my height is 1,65cm. Also something good is my arms are usually to long for the most sleeves so my skin can be seen easily but in this cosplay there long enough and that is really for european people! ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡


Very good quality and fast delivery :) (you can see the bottom part of the pants better in the picture with the cape)

Good but order a size up or two!

I got a medium and it was very small, I managed to get it fit though. For reference I am 5’2 tall. I recommend to get a size two or up because they run small, good quality and the material is polyester! It’s a good cosplay I recommend buying it very high quality! I loved the pants and the shirt it came with. However, they come with earrings, as for the earrings I am unsure how to wear them.

Kai walsh
Amazing quality! But get a size or two up!

I absolutely love all the fabrics used here and its amazing!. I love that it comes with the tassles and it has gloves the beautiful black cape, shirt and pants as well! I highly recommend! I hope they one day make a wasteland wig or even the boots to match the different pants and some of the other cosmetic hairs. Maybe the masks too! Like the new anubis mask! Or make custom orders for certain masks. Such high quality for an affordable price and if you have any questions they get back to you really quick! With time zones im usually seeing their response at the end of the day or thr next day. Theyre so super helpful! I'm usually a size 34 waist so the pants didn't fit getting a medium shirt. The shirt fit perfectly however! Too bad they don't have options for a shirt size and a different pants size. Also the pants have small pockets! As an added bonus!

I'm in love with this cosplay and I hope they have places open up again so I can go to a comicon or go places in this.

Amazing! I've never spazzed out so hard on a cosplay before.

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