【Size XS-XXL 】DokiDoki-R Game GenShin Impact La Signora Cosplay Costume

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Order process  time of this  cosplay  is about 3-4 weeks normally .^ ^

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Ven Vanderwert
i love it!

it was sooo pretty! exactly as the picture. the black fur i sfluffier in the images, but thats not a problem. the cape holds up by a clear bra strap that hooks from the shirt to the top of the cape. this cosplay is worth every dollar

Angie Burbano

【Size XS-XXL 】DokiDoki-R Game GenShin Impact La Signora Cosplay Costume


I think its a great cosplay for R quality and the cape thing is so gorgeous i love it. Ive had no problems with so far

Excellent quality!

The fabric is absolutely GORGEOUS and the pieces go together really well. I think my only complaint is the glove fingers are a tad bulky because of the seams, and there's a few parts that don't have attachments that I'll need to add but those are super easy fixes really. As far as negatives go, that's it. Everything else about it is fantastic!!

Celina Behrens
As I Accpected

I have mixed feelings about this cosplay. I dislike that the Pictures are misleading. In my order were no cape decorations nor were the shorts by themselves. The fabric is not like the pictures and my mask was heavily damaged (the things to stick it to the wig fell of, glue was still everywhere and it was disformed). The breast part is definitely too small for XL, it only covers half my breast. It had some burned edges and random cuts in the top (fixable by oneself tho) . Lastly the proportions are a little off.

I liked a lot how easy it is to iron and take care off, and the applications on the cape are absolutely beautiful (are different from the photos). They are really nicely golden. It's also very computable once you figured out how to put it on. It comes with clear stabs, which was a nice surprise!

Personally i´d not buy R quality again form doki doki and hope they will have a better Signiora Cosplay but many things are fixable by the buyer.

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