DokiDoki-R Game Fate/Grand Order Cosplay Tamamo no Mae Cosplay Women Fate/EXTRA

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Full set:Top + tube top + waist seal + pants + front piece + tassel + big bow + socks + neck accessories
Not included :wig ears tail shoes

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I absolutely love this costume, cons aren't happening right now due to the pandemic but just wearing it for photos was super fun. I'm really good at missing clasps like the one on the jacket so that's why it's so open in the photo(I noticed it after I took off the costume, I looked it over before I put it on too 😂)
For this one, the tube top has little loops in it because they give u clear bra straps, then there's also ribbon to tie the top together, too. Then the clasp on the hood I didnt notice lmao
The easiest way I've found to put on the costume is socks, pants, bow accessory onto the tail however ur tail is designed, I tie my tail around my waist and tuck in the strings to the waistband of the pants, put on the tube top and tie it, the waist belt piece is velcro so that goes on next, then finally the jacket. The top slides down even with the straps and doesnt fit super well over a bra so it's kinda hard to figure out how to secure it (idk if the jacket clasped helps with that or not tbh) so I'd probably say a low plunging bra would work best
The fabric is really nice, the socks surprisingly stay up on my legs which is really nice because I have bigger thighs. The top was a tiny bit confusing at first but figured it out rlly quick. The bow attachment is a little tougher to keep in place and on the tail but not too bad.
Now, this costume is open. The pants are like chaps, I was excited and didnt put shorts on under it but highly recommended for photos and cons bc u will be heavily exposed lol.
The hood is rlly big and fits over the ears without squishing them which is nice and it has a bell!!! And the bell jingles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The quality is extremely nice, I absolutely love this cosplay.
All of the cosplays I've gotten from here have been amazing, I have a few more I'm waiting on and I'm super excited for them.

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