DokiDoki Anime Tian Guan Ci Fu Cosplay Hua Cheng San Lang Ver Sweater Heaven Official's Blessing TGCF

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Ash W.
TGCF Sweater

You've never seen a sweater this fine.

It is so gay, the rainbow in me instantly resplenished its energy by touching it for the first time!

For anyone hesitating on whether to buy this sweater or not, I'd say go for it. In case you're wondering, the interior is velvet soft and warm, but if you take an oversized one like I did you'll be able to roll up the sleeves and get some cool air to circulate. Absolutely true to image, back side is branded exactly as shown and as you can see on the image, it comes with the official seal on the price tag (I preferred showing the front side with this gorgeous illustration, and it's glowing!).
Came in a protection bag, gently folded. If I could, I'd take all three colors but I chose the one I like the most so far. I'll probably use the tag as a bookmark because I'm a simp for HuaLian, and there's absolutely nothing bad to say about this product.
It came quickly (I've ordered it in the beginning of June) and it arrived sooner than expected, which is always a good thing. No defaults whatsoever (I do not count the small threads to cut at the sewn parts as defaults because it happens all the time with clothes), and I just can't get enough of the illustration in this item.

I think I've written all there was to write, and I'll gladly re-order as soon as I'm able to (I've also ordered wigs from DokiDoki, and the quality is just awesome).

Once again happy with my order!

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