【Ready For Ship】 DokiDoki Game league of Legends Cosplay KDA Ahri Front Lace Wig

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First photo out of package wig, for some reason wavy but I I straightened it with ease. Pink hair are more hest resistant it seems than the top blond part, which is kinda weird. And i would love more blond hair on the back personaly. Loving the wig cap with clips but I dont know why it brown. The lace is light which is good for me but idk about darker skin tones. The lace part is short but do $40 its a good deal. Wig came wavy, but it wasnt problem to straighten it in few minutes. After straightening the blond part of thw hair took some damage and became frizzy, pink part remained the same which is kinda weird. Another weird thing is, why is my wig cap brown? On the other hand the wig cap is high quality and I am loving those clips on sides. I would like more blond hair at the back and bitter lace part in the front. In the end I feel like this good wig at reasonable price.

KDA Ahri Front Lace Wig

The Quality of the fibres are great, the cap fits perfectly and you can't really see the lace when put on. Though, unfortunately it is a lot of pink and a lot less blond. I have expected more blond to hide the amount of pink from the wig to make it appear more like a gradient and not the blond to only be where the lace is.

Not really Accurate

At first, the wig is in a really good quality and the lace is perfect, it really looks like real hair.
But the color isn't accurate at all. There is too much pink, and no blond hair at the back of the wig.

Color doesn't match at all

the Lace Part Fits wonderfully. But unfortunately the wig is very thin, too much rose wefts,less blonde and unfortunately also more dark blonde than light blonde Like in the photo. Pity.
If the color was lighter I could sew in extra wefts, but I can't use the wig like that.

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