【Only One Piece L & XL】DokiDoki-SR Game league of Legends Cosplay KDA All Out Evelynn Costume

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Nerea Luque

Amazing quality and cosplay. So canon!

Yasmin Chalane

DokiDoki-SR Game league of Legends Cosplay KDA All Out Evelynn Costume


All the details, the fabrics, everything is perfect! I'm really happy with the results!

Sarah Fulleringer
Love it!!

I love this costume, I sized up for my height (167cm) so it's a little loose, but I can easily fix it (and it looks good, anyway). The only "issue" is the bra, it is WAY too big for me haha, but I will make the band tighter so that it works. From far and under the jacket, you can't tell. The ribbons for the skirt corset and socks are not as obvious as in the photos, but I think it's because the lightning in my room isn't good (in front of studio lights, it is the type of ribbon that is reflective). The materials are so nice, and I love the overall look. Thank you!!

Michelle Insalaco
I Expected More

Based on the photos I expected the lashers to actually levitate with wire, I've had to mod them in order to get them to levitate. The gem on the actual lasher bit isn't as shimmery as the photo makes it out to be and the fabric doesn't shift as much either. But with modifications it's great.

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