DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Barbara Costume/Shoes

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The cosplay is for presale 

Order processing time is about  120  days normally

We are not sure  if it  delay or come out sooner 

Your order will be sent out once the factory finish producing 

(we will update here if there are any change)

We will remove battery ,we can't ship any pacakge contain battery.

Customer Reviews

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IN STOCK DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Barbara Costume


IN STOCK DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Barbara Costume

Absolutely stunning!!

When I first opened the package, I didn’t expect anywhere near this amount of quality. I will definitely be ordering from DokiDoki in the future!!! Barbara is absolutely stunning, the fabrics are soft and comfortable, the gems and metal accents are shining and absolutely stunning. The wig I ordered separately is also very soft, and easy to put on. the hair accessories from this cosplay fit beautifully on the wig, although the hat has a tendency to fall off if you move too fast.

I’m in Love!!!

When I say this site has the best cosplays, I seriously mean it. This Barbara cosplay is the most beautiful cosplay I own, and it came to the point where I pre bought Monas and Ventis because of how amazing the quality is. Doki Doki cosplay is one of the only retailers I trust because I know what they show in the images, is exactly what you get. I also bought the wig with the costume and the colour is perfect and the hair is so soft 😭 I might have to buy Ganyu and Sucrose after 😂

Most beautiful Cosplay I own!

The quality is amazing! I ordered a size M and was so surprised to see that it fit perfectly. It’s really comfortable, my only complaint is the belt of the Book that tends to pop off it’s button that holds it when I make frantic movements but using safety pins as support has fixed that problem easily! I really like this cosplay. The WIG I ordered separately is also from Dokidoki and is just as nice quality. Overall I am super happy with my purchase, the fabric and accessories look so very nice. <3

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