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It's really good!

I received everything that i was supposed to and nothing came broken! Honestly the material is so nice! I love the sparkly fabric used, it really brings out the complexity of the design <3 i did have to make a few adjustments to the waistband of the shorts and the corset piece but thats because i ordered an xl. Overall though its a lovely cosplay, especially as it was my first time ordering from dokidoki, and im so glad to be able to add it to my collection :) ( my tiktok/instagram @krul.ty )

DokiDoki-R Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Agatsuma Zenitsu Cosplay Costume Men Kimono

Fabulous overcoat

The cosplay is really well made and the overcoat is just incredibly fun to wear. Shipping was fast and everything worked out well. I would have liked an option to get the earrings for pierced ears, as I find those fake ones slip off easily when the earring itself is so heavy. But maybe that's just me and I ended up buying different earrings anyway. All in all: Great Cosplay :)

【16:00 23th Dec Beijing Time】DokiDoki Genshin Impact Xiao Doll Plushies Plush

Absolutely gorgeous

The costume fits perfectly, I haven't had the time to take pics of it but it's very well made and I totally recommend buying it. Some pieces came slightly covered in dry glue, but it's easily fixable

My only major issue is I have to figure out where half the accessories go attached as there's no instructions, but it's nothing I can't solve with some time to sit and make the puzzle

Great product

I understand the long wait time was most likely due to COVID issues but when it arrived it was a fantastic product Excellent quality. This company is amazing to deal with. Very polite and very very prompt with every communication

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My daughter loved it

I love him so much

Literally the best thing I ever bought he's so cute


This is my first time ordering anything from dokidoki cosplay, and I am delighted by the results! The details are stunning, and that weird part on the side of Venti's shorts was even turned into a pocket. Assembly is easy, as long as you already are familiar with the costume. Overall, wonderful craftmanship. If you're willing to spare the cash, this is definitely worth it.

Kujou Sara Cosplay

Cosplay made with amazing quality and details.

Its really cute. The eyes stitching may have a little thread sticking out but it's barely noticeable. It arrived a month after I ordered! The price for shipping may be a little expensive but I think it was worth it.

Xiao Wig

It’s amazing! The quality is ver good

【16:00 23th Dec Beijing Time】DokiDoki Genshin Impact Xiao Doll Plushies Plush

【16:00 23th Dec Beijing Time】DokiDoki Genshin Impact Xiao Doll Plushies Plush

Devastated that I missed the sale twice. I hope it restocks soon 😭


The doll is perfect! Thank you so much!

Really good quality!

It's a really beautiful cosplay! It was my first time buying at doki doki and I'm really satisfied. The quality and items are all really pretty, very well made.

Super swag

Fits really good but I am a 5’11” 145 female so keep that in mind

It was good but..

Some of the pieces broke while I was putting on the cosplay but it was an easy fix. I’m a size medium and it was a little tight so just be careful with that. Anyways I really love this cosplay and it’s really good quality. I would recommend getting this if you don’t want to spend too much money :)

DokiDoki-SR Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Cosplay Rengoku Kyoujurou Costume Men Costume Kimetsu no Yaiba Cosplay

Beautiful cosplay

This is by far the most beautiful and detailed cosplay that I own. It's so detailed that it takes a while in order to get all of the pieces together. I'm in awe of the quality and it makes me excited to get more cosplays from them


The cosplay is beautiful in every detail, the fabrics are of excellent quality and fits perfectly.

I love him

The doll's great! He's so cute and the fabric is nice and soft to feel :D his cape was a little difficult to put on but nothing broke in the process. The quality is amazing and he hasn't been damaged anywhere.
I highly recommend buying the doll of you're considering it! I love him <33