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The quality of the cosplay is incredible, it is sublime. The size is perfect, the accessories are beautiful, everything is beautiful in the cosplay and I am extremely satisfied. It was delivered in 15 days. I make an entire review of the cosplay and accesories on my tiktok Palarantys

Cosplay AND Shoes review

Cosplay : Overall really satisfied, the textile and the majority of accessories are amazing and a great quality, though some elements are fragile anyway (the leg buckles for example.) The pants might be a tad thight but it's fine. In the end, I'm really happy with my purchase !

Shoes : Amazing quality, perfectly conform and comfortable.

Amazing wig!

Well furnished, already pre-stylised but need a tiny bit of re-styling because of the shipping. Really satisfied!

Beautiful Cosplay!

Quality- This cosplay is honestly so worth the spend. The details, the fabric, everything about it is so classy and pretty. After I ironed it (low setting) and got everything together, it came together so nicely. Everything comes as described and pictured, I’m so happy I decided to make this purchase. If you’re looking for a pretty and high quality Albedo cosplay, this ones your one!!

Sizing- I’m 5’3” and 120 lbs, and I ordered a women’s Medium. The vest was just a bit big on me, (I’m an A-cup so that probably explains it) other than that the coat fit perfectly, and the shorts did as well. If you want the cosplay to be fitted, I recommend ordering your size to the measurements, however if you want more room I recommend sizing up.

Overall, my experience ordering from this website was amazing! I will order again, and I look forward to wearing this cosplay for halloween!

(I’ll be posting more of this cosplay, to see it my instagram is @diabolikon :)

【Ready For Ship】Dokidoki Anime Cosplay Jujutsu Kaisen Cosplay Gojo Satoru Wig Short Grey

Too Cute

They're very soft and cute, even better in person. The quality is fantastic too. I love them. Highly recommend. Thank you!

poster and sticker

super good quality

very nice cosplay! despite the expectations, I am very pleased with the effect. The only downside was a shirt that is badly sewn in one place, which makes it difficult to arrange it so that it doesn't bend.


Compre mi cosplay en stock y lo enviaron al siguiente dia <3 todo esta muy hermoso, solo que el el cinturón viene muy pequeño, teniendo en cuenta que el resto del cosplay es de tela muy gruesa. Fuera de eso todo está perfecto.

Very good quality, awesome details

Got this costume and It was really amazing! Sizes fits very good, quality was great, really good gloves, accessories and of course costume at all - everything is great. Highly recommend this costume for all Zhongli cosplayers

One of the Best ganyu cosplays

After a very long presale time the shipping Was very fast. The quality of the cosplay is very good and i love how it looks. There are a lot of beautiful Details which makes it So "realistic".

I really love it

The quality is very good and it looks so epic!♡

Great cosplay, would recommend!

This cosplay got to me just today Sep 22, and I ordered it Sep 9. So it was quite fast. I am 5'2 and have a bigger waist but smaller chest so I went for the M size and it fit perfectly. The haori being slightly oversized, but that is too be expected with my small body. When you buy this cosplay, I would suggest sizing up, because its better to have extra fabric to tweak than returning the cosplay because it didn't fit. I can't personally say for people with bigger chest (C+) but do sizing up as the chest fabric is not stretchable. ANYWAYS, the fabric is pretty comfy but can get hot if you live in a hot country but bearable, just by how cool and magical you feel. The details are there, there are not many problems other than a few loose threads that can be cut, and its (I will say again) comfortable. This is my first cosplay and was very satisfied with what I got.

Venti cosplay

It fits me well! And the quality is very good!

【XL Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Venti Costume

Perfect fit

It fit perfectly and it looks so good. Will definitely order from here again!

【XL Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Venti Costume

Amazing :)

I was absolutely shocked how beautiful is the dress and i love it. The only problem was with the head peace but not too noticeable, it was a little missplaced. Overall love it and recommend it to anyone ^^

PRESALE DokiDoki Game Genshin Impact Plushies Doll Zhong Li /Childe Tartaglia Zhongli

Gliding is faster 💅

DokiDoki-R Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Cosplay Himejima Kyoumei Costume

Pretty cosplay

When I got it, I was so excited and still it is really amazing, the fabrics are amazing, soft, the costume is mostly comfortable, I love how the vision has even lights, at first I thought the material is good because I cannot break it because it is foam, however wearing the costume all day it broke and the pin didn't hold it well, almost fall few times in a day wearing it. The Tights are one size, I ordered XL, however the thights are like xs, because I barely could pull it on myself, and modify it.
the corset is perfect to my short body which surprised me, the cape is not easy for me to get on, but when it is on me, it stands nicely!
Delivery happened really fast after they sent!
I give a strong 4, because still I love it a LOT, but I had smaller issues with it. thank you

I bought the fan as a pre-sale, and I must say, I have no regrets! It came fast. Also, they were so kind to remind me that Europe will charge extra tax, which was sweet of them, and I never saw another shop to do this. :D Also the fan is of good quality, so If you want to buy, go ahead you won´t regret it.

Perfect wig

The fiber is super good, the wig is so soft. Recommended

Everything I could've hoped for

I pre-ordered this day 1 of it being on the site. It just arrived today, so here's my open and honest review;

I purchased an XL, and I'm glad that I did. I am a 38-31-42 and it is pretty snug on my hips/thighs, while being fairly loose on the bust. Height-wise, it fits pretty well, considering I have a pretty short torso. The socks are unfortunately way too small for my thighs, but that's an easy thing to replace. The gloves fit surprisingly well, and the thumb is just slightly too long. But they are the best quality cosplay gloves I've ever received!!

Fabric is top notch, and absolutely gorgeous. Very high quality stitching and finishing work (only a few stray threads) and no chemical smell. Very comfortable to wear.

The printed pieces are beautiful! Very smooth with no rough edges. They are a bit heavy though, and I find the one on the front of the dress does sag a bit if I lean over. Also I have to be wary of how quickly I move/turn, because the pieces on the back and sleeves do swing out because of the weight. Unfortunately, my vision has a tip that was broken off (photographed) and the tip wasn't in the package so I couldn't fix it, and doesn't light up either. A few pieces also had their metal fasteners come unattached during shipment, and one piece was missing a fastener entirely (pictured.)

The glasses are a big no. Very cheap and the paint was chipping off (pictured) before I even pulled them out of the package. I luckily already have a pair that I was planning on using, but just an FYI for anyone looking into buying this cosplay.

Final words, TLDR:
Overall, even with the issues, this cosplay is a solid 10/10. I am so pleased with everything and am so happy that I waited to purchase this cosplay.

Fit: 9/10
Movement/Comfort: 9/10

I love Meow House cosplays so much, and it makes me so happy that you guys sell them so that it's easier to get them. This cosplay was definitely worth the wait!!