【No More Restock After Sold Out】DokiDoki-SR Mo Dao Zu Shi Cosplay Lan Wangji Cosplay Costume Men Lan Wang JI Dao Mo To Shi Lan Zhan

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Asian size-Please read the size chart carefully. (◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)Welcome contact us for help about size choosing with your height ,weight ,waist ,bust,hip measurement.


Anime/Game :   Mo Dao Zu Shi

Character      :    Lan Wang Ji

Brand            :    DokiDoki    

Details           :    Presale DokiDoki-SR Mo Dao Zu Shi Cosplay Lan Wangji Cosplay Costume Men Lan Wang JI

Customer Reviews

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The quality of the clothing is very very nice. The sizing chart is exactly correct. I am 172 cm tall, 57 kg, I bought a Medium and everything fit perfectly. There are a lot of parts to the costume yes, but I just looked at the pictures and figured it out. And because I’m the one in the flat who takes care of our cosplays: for the really thin delicate fabrics, if hanging them doesn’t remove the wrinkles in time for your shoot, you can steam it. For the shirt, turn it inside out before ironing. I’ve also bought the Wei Wuxian version and honestly I’m so happy with both I’ll probably end up with the scum villain versions as well. I don’t know who needs to hear it but buy it, it’s worth the money.


The quality is insane and the fit is perfect. I really like how you can chose to wear some pieces as clothes, this isn't just a cosplay.

Yuu L
Excellent Hanfu

All of the details and designs on the hanfu are embroidered. Absolutely gorgeous in person! Definitely my favourite pieces of clothing I've ever purchased.

The only problem is that though the layers are thin, it's still a lot of layers to wear during the summer (Even here, where summers are milder). It's more suitable for the other seasons. Even winter, if you wear an extra thermal layer underneath.

I can't wait to wear this as the temperature decreases!

chue yang
exellent craftsmenthsip

all of the designs are embroidered, such beautiful craftsmanship. fitting is perfect

Assunta Boehm

Excellent craftsmanship and great customer service.