DokiDoki-SR Manga Heaven Official's Blessing Cosplay Hua Cheng Shounen Cosplay Comic Version Teenager Tian Guan Ci Fu TGCF

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Asian size-Please read the size chart carefully. (◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)Welcome contact us for help about size choosing with your height ,weight ,waist ,bust,hip measurement.

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Really love this outfit and cant wait to wear it to a con

Valeriia Kindra

DokiDoki-SR Manga Heaven Official's Blessing Cosplay Hua Cheng Shounen Cosplay Comic Version Teenager Tian Guan Ci Fu TGCF

AMAZING~~ I would definitely recommend!

The outfit was really well done, and it was a nice fit as well! (Considering that I accidently ordered a size smaller) The fabric is really nice to the touch and well made! Although the belt was a tight fit, (naturally, due to my mistake in ordering a small size) It was warm and comfortable! Especially in the cold, well, at least for me. All in all, this is such an amazing outfit to cosplay in!

Relatively good, but

I got the costume discounted on black friday and it thankfully came in just a little less than a month. It's a relatively good cosplay, however the buttons on the white shirt feel as if they may fall of if they were pulled suddenly-- it can be technically fixed with a bit more sewing the button in place. Also, the braided red string that's supposed to go around his black wristcuffs--- one end of the braided string came off in the packaging. So I had to use liquid glue to harden up the braided string and bind it with the small golden base of the tassel (or else the whole tassel-string accessory would be in ruins). But I could undestand these small problems since this is mass-manufactured in a factory. Everything else was quite good though.

Katie Lynch
This San Lang approves

The good: the costume is comfortable, sizing was mostly appropriate, the fabrics were very pretty. It's easy to get on and off, even when you're by yourself.

The bad: there were a few yellow stains that existed on the white shirt when it arrived (didn't have time to exchange before my convention). The pants (like all cosplay pants from China) were just a touch too small for me, even in the biggest size. Grabbed an equivalent pair from Target. The costume itself is VERY warm, and any sweat that soaks in causes red dye from the jacket to leech into the white shirt. Fortunately, a little shout and oxyclean got the stains out. One of the little button ties didn't have its loop fully stitched down, and one button on the shirt fell off during washing. Nothing major, just inconvenient.