【 Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Keqing Cosplay Costume / Shoes Opulent Splendor Ke Qing

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In love

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Since I live pretty much on the other side of the world, I have been waiting for a month for it to arrive. Totally worth the patience! I am 5'7 (169), I bought medium and the lengths JUST fits. As for the waist, it could have been a little tighter. But the overall quality is stunning! It's pretty comfortable to wear as well I totally recommend!!


Everything fit me perfectly. The costume was beautiful and durable, even in con conditions! (TY for including the glowing charm. I forgot to get batteries but it was gorgeous)

Dina M.
A beautiful costume that can be worn as an evening dress

Finally, I was able to try on this costume after Dokidoki sent me a replacement for the defective collar due to missing its snap buttons. Thanks to the excellent customer service and communication from Dokidoki. The costume is really beautiful with gorgeous materials. It's comfortable to wear as well, and can be worn as a non-cosplay evening party dress. The dress length is perfect for me (157.5-cm height). For taller people, this dress may be a little short. There are several minor issues with the costume. Some of the pearl decorations fell off, so I had to re-glue them. Also, the black glitter dusts don't stick to the costume much. The lace in the back is not "see through." It's layered with a beige-colored fabric. Just something to consider if you think the lace in the back is "see through" like I did. Overall, I am so happy with this beautiful costume, and I will definitely wear it to some non-cosplay events as an evening party dress as well as to cosplay events.

In love!

I finally took my time, ironed this costume and put it on. I am so happy with it! It is true to size. All details are really nice and had no mistakes. The fabrics are shiny and top quality. Be prepared that the dress is really short. It is short also on many asian people let alone anyone over 165. I am 168 and I didn’t feel the need to wear a petticoat underneath. The tights should maybe be a bit more tight and firm bit they are ok. The hand cuffs are a bit to big for me but I clipped them with a paper clip at the back and this works perfectly. I also have the shoes and they are very nice and comfortable too. The wig is a combo of 2 different wigs actually. The original Dokidoki wig has very thick tails that are somewhat heavy on my head so I put thinner ones on. Sorry for my face, I didn’t do any special make up this time, was lazy


I purchased size small and I'm 5'3" at about 115lbs and it fits just right. It is very pretty, just like the video and full set display picture. Unfortunately it is short, but it is very accurate to the in game design. I had purchased the Ganyu SR from here and my one complaint from it was that the glittering fabric had the tendency to cause fraying when touching silky fabrics, but this Keqing one has fixed the problem and does not snag or fray other fabrics it comes into contact! The overall dress is very well crafted. A mildly firm fabric, but not uncomfortable in order to maintain shapes and colors. It is not as sparkly as the model pictures, more so like the video and full display picture. The lace and the details are delicate to the look yet no worries of it being too dainty. The back is not netted like it shows in the model photos, rather opting for a nude fabric instead, which I think is fine as it makes it easier to reinforce that delicate lace detail. The tights are very soft and again, unlike the Ganyu SR, the design is inked into the tights rather than printed on top, so no worry of it one day fading. All the accessories are very well crafted, soft fabric for the scarf like objects and a bit firmer fabric for the pieces that require more stability to maintain shape without the reliance of wires or metals. The scarf piece is an inked, soft, delicate, yet shimmering fabric, divided into 3 parts; two sleeves with elastic, and a piece that goes along the back that can snap onto the sleeves. There is also a gold ring holding together the back scarf piece, which you are to hide behind the vision, but there isn't quite a way to attach it, so it is entirely up to you how you'd like to do that. The wristlets are very sturdy and elegant, you don't have to worry about them losing shape easily. The ribbon on the other hand is a plain ribbon, which you'll need to decide how you want to wrap it around your wrist. The fabric used for the hair ties is a soft chiffon and can be adjust with the snap buttons. The clip on earrings are cute and don't hurt to wear. The vision surprisingly doesn't feel heavy despited mainly supported by the choker piece. The choker piece is very neatly done that when you attach the vision it's not too noticeable how it is attached. Overall it isn't too hard to put on by yourself and it really makes you feel like your going to the Lantern Rite festival as Keqing. I'm really happy with it and I don't regret getting it.