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Ally Eater

【In Stock】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Barbara Swimsuit Cosplay Costume Cute

Dina M.
Cute, beautiful and comfortable swimsuit ♥

After waiting for several months, finally, this costume arrived today. The quality of this costume is excellent. This costume can actually be worn as a casual swimsuit. The blue part is made of stretchy swimsuit fabric, and it came with insert chest pads. The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear. Putting everything together was a little challenging, though. There are some small accessories that I need to attach them myself. I had to check the pictures Dokidoki has for this costume multiple times to make sure I attached them at the correct location. The hat needs to be attached to the hair. I had to use hairpins to attach it. The thigh accessory can be a little tricky to put on. The elastic band of the thigh accessory needs to be placed in a certain way to secure the flower to prevent the flower from falling down. Also, a small warning: If you have been training your biceps with some weights regularly, the sleeves can be a little tight on the upper arms. Overall, I am really happy with this cute and beautiful costume, and will definitely wear this costume as a casual swimsuit as well as a cosplay outfit.

Cece Skaggs
Very pretty

It’s great quality but the shipping time was misleading and took longer then usual for a presale the vison doesn’t work but over all still very nice