【S/M/L Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SSR Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Sucrose Costume

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the cosplay is beautiful

One or another detail but it can be solved, more than satisfied with the purchase One or another detail but it can be solved, more than satisfied with the purchase

Absolutely perfect!

I’m so in love with quality of this costume! Everything fits perfectly. I have to only adjust one accessory and also the fur around neck is little bit small. :)
Details are amazing and it’s so easy to get in!

Scarlett Singenberger
Amazing Cosplay ♡

I’m so glad i got to order the SSR version of the Sucrose cosplay! Im so in love with how it sits and the quality of it. Just generally happy i got to cosplay my waifu ♡

Looks amazing

It looks amazing, with all the details in the fabric pattern and the metal pieces. I took a medium (5'1", 125 lbs) and everything fit well, except the jacket who had a bit of problem closing correctly around the neck- something other reviews mention as well. It's surprisingly comfortable!

Very happy :]

This honestly deserves 5 stars, but there were a few things wrong that took a while to fix :(. The fur around the neck was the funniest thing to me and my friends, it was completely solid lol. I fixed it by just de-stuffing it almost entirely, it fit perfectly afterwards. I was unable to wear the belt as it warped the front of the cosplay too bad, the belt was too heavy even without the bottles. I'm not bothered by it too much though, it still looks great without it. It's not like you can't make it work either, it just didn't compliment my waist so I wasn't comfortable wearing it. The clasp on her coverup broke the second I got it, it was an easy fix but I did have to buy another clasp to make it stay. Also a small peeve, I don't blame the makers at all for this but it did take a lot of work to get the pins on the sleeves to sit properly. (If you're also having this issue, what I did to fix it was use Velcro strips on the insides of the points to keep it to the fabric.)

Okay! Cons aside, this cosplay is overall amazing. I took a Medium and it fits me almost perfectly (167cm & 54kg). The shoes are amazing, I was in them walking around a convention for over 12 hours and I felt no discomfort, well besides a light numb feeling, but that's because of how wide my feet are and how many layers I had on lol. Everything is made of extremely comfortable, breathable fabrics. So much so that I was kind of miserable going to a con in the middle of February in it... that's on me though. I have never been happier with a pre-made cosplay, I felt so pretty in her!!

Also, a small heads up, if you have smaller shoulders the cover may not fit you properly? I'm sure you could tailor it to work but my friend tried her on (she has much smaller shoulders than me) and it stuck out extremely awkwardly. My shoulders are about 43cm and I genuinely do not think it could fit me better. And another thing, after a while the fur started to irritate my neck really bad from all the friction, which is not the end of the world, but it was very uncomfortable. Not the cosplay's fault though!