【 Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Kujou Sara Cosplay Costume

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The socks have been adjusted to be shorter according to the original design.

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I adore this cosplay so much! The fabric is great, it is super detailed and it's also really comfy to wear!
I got a size S and it was perfect for my body; the only thing that I had to adjust were the sleeves that were a little to big for my arms but it was not a big deal.
I can't wait to take more pics with this amazing cosplay on!
Ig: @eden.starr
Ph credits: @shira_cos_

Vivien Molnos

【Shoes/Costume S/M Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-SR Game Genshin Impact Kujou Sara Cosplay Costume

I Really Love it!!!

Yes, again a Rewview from me...
it's because I really LOOOOOVE this Costume from Kujou Sara!
It's so perfect!!!
You can follow me and See more pictures in mi IG: @LixhiDiamond

Amazing out of the box, perfect with some detail work

In general, Doki Doki's SR cosplays never miss. Like all other SR cosplays I've ordered from them, this costume was made from high-quality fabrics with detailed prints and designs woven into the fabric, was extremely screen-accurate to Sara's in-game model, and was easy to figure out how to put on and put together. In terms of the 'detail work' I mentioned in the title, because this is still a mass-produced costume (regardless of the quality) there are some 'shortcuts' taken in it's production. Ex. a tassel that can easily be hand-sewn on is instead produced with a safety pin attached to save production time. There are numerous minor details like this that I took the time to hand-sew onto the costume to give it that little extra polish. Additionally, I sewed down the parts of her obi (belt) so that it would not sag under the weight of the bow and her vison (which is solid metal and resin and lights up!), and sewed the faux tasuki to her sleeves (the red cords). I ALSO STRONGLY ADVISE RECONSTRUCTING HER KYAHAN (shin covers). As mentioned before, they are 'factory-produced' and the section that goes under the arch of the foot is PAINFULLY THICK. I didn't do this the first time around and despite being accustomed to geta (even ones as audacious as hers) they were downright torturous to walk on. This is a super easy fix; I just ripped the stitching to separate the stirrup and left it as-is. You could sew an elastic strap in place of the original connection if you still want it to be functionally stirrup-like or sew the sides to the tabi socks to hold them in place but IMO I thought they looked fine separated and loose (and they fit and felt MUCH better). Her gloves are also hard to use phones with as they are faux leather and don't always register with smartphone screens. My hack for this is to rip a small hole in the side seams of the pointer and thumb so that you can stick your fingers out when you need without having a super obvious hole in the glove. You can also stretch the glove to stick your whole handout of the gap in the palm but in my experience this looks super silly and is a headache to do and undo if you're taking photos on and off, like, say, at a convention.
In the future I plan to sew the sleeves to her gloves, and the skirts to the obi to reduce the amount of moving pieces I need to keep track of when getting in and out of the cosplay.
All in all, if you buy this and wear it "out of the box", you'll look great and screen-accurate, and if you take a little time to iron out the details, you'll look like Kujou Sara just walked right out of the game and into real life. 10/10 would recommend either way. If you'd like to see any photos or videos of this cosplay in action, you can check out my TikTok at @notyouragb and look for my "Kujou Sara" playlist or scroll around a bit on my Instagram @kxttykxtty.


I Really love this costume 😭😍🖤 it's so perfect!! The details, accessories are so awesome!!!
I recommended a looooooot!!!
Y got Size XL, fits me so good 💕
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