DokiDoki-SR Anime Attack on Titan Cosplay Eren /Mikasa Ackerman/ Armin Arlert/Levi/Hanji Zoe

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The suit and cape for each character are same .

Each character's inside tops are different .

You can buy only one suit&cape  and various inside tops if you want to cosplay  different characters !

 Female character's inside tops  no size XL available .

 this Suit is for presale ,

next batch will come out in mid-late June


Customer Reviews

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Luo Cosplays

Everything came in excellent condition, it is recommended to have a person to help put on the clothes. I wasn't expecting the quality and it exceeded my expectations!

Paola Pizzigoni
Just a word WOW

It's all really done very well, the only problem is the button of the pants that is really too small to pass the button and touch it widen slightly to allow it to pass comfortably, for the rest it is perfect
I love it

Sturdy & worth the price, some minor complaints

Like all SR DokiDoki cosplays, this cosplay is all-inclusive and has life-like quality. However, the materials are a little lacking compared to some of the other SR cosplays I've bought from DokiDoki. Not a dealbreaker at all, just a little bit of a let down what with how perfect other SR cosplays are.
The pants are fantastic. I have proportionally large thighs and always struggle with cosplay "bottoms" because of that, but the medium pants fit perfectly and the shirt and jacket were just the right size to match the sort of loose, rectangular style of the military jackets in the show. The pants fabric is also quite nice, not cheap or thin like other Attack on Titan cosplays I've bought from other sellers in the past. The fabric isn't quite as sturdy as jean or canvas, but still looks and feels professional and also "scrunches" very well. The belts as well is are very nicely made. They're not real leather, but unlike cheaper cosplay options it's sewn on both sides, has solid hardware, and doesn't have any obvious "top" or "bottom" edges where the belt material hasn't been edged. It's also double-layered so unlike some Amazon AoT cosplays, the faux leather is NOT likely to rip or stretch.
My only complaints are with the shirt. I definitely appreciate that the shirt and jacket are two separate pieces; it gives you flexibility with how you want to wear it. Open, sleeves rolled up, tied at the waist, coat over your shoulder... however, if you're an individual who needs to or plans to wear a bra or binder underneath, bear in mind that the fabric of the shirt is thin and slightly sheer. I bought the Hange "inside" so I'm not sure about the others, but it was a little thin, so I imagine the characters with white button-up insides will also bee a bit sheer. You'll need to wear a white tank-top underneath (for historical accuracy) or a skin-toned bra/binder. The thinness of the fabric is good temperature-wise, and the "feel" of the fabric is nice, but there are breathable fabric options that aren't see-through.
Other than that, the jacket is a real show-stopper. The faux leather is incredible quality and definitely a stand-out choice since the vast majority of AoT cosplays use canvas or linen for their jackets. The lining is a cheap, slippery synthetic fabric that clings to the body and feels hot (in my opinion). I have a particular dislike for that specific lining material, but it is used on a lot of jackets (cosplay or not) so it isn't necessarily an outright issue, but something to be aware of if you also have sensory issues like I do.
Aside from those complaints about the coat and shirt, the rest of the cos as I mentioned is great. The "Hange" kit did come with faux glasses which matched hers exactly, which is a lovely little detail. When worn with the jacket and straps on, you can't see any of the "flaws" at all, and it looks incredibly canon and realistic. The harness is a little different from one I've gotten in the past, but still gives a similar 'look' to the show. The cloak as well is a lovely fabric and fits nicely, no weird pointy hood. I would have liked a sturdier fabric but again, temperature and weight-wise I understand using a more flowy linen rather than actual weather-proof cloak material. Lastly, the big embroidered patch in the back is lovely but does have some stray threads, which is par for the course with big machine-embroidered designs and easily solved with some snipping and coloring. Overall, a solid purchase! I do wish DokiDoki also offered the "gear" in their photos, but ODM gear is an insanely rare find unless you 3d-print or build it yourself, so it's not surprising that they don't offer it. Would buy again!


the jacket was absolutely stunning I’ll give it that but the expensive price and wait time of 6 months was not worth the harness being manufactured so incorrectly that it was impossible to wear. Going to order new harness from AliExpress. I expected better of Doki Doki SR.