【Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-R Genshin impact Venti Cosplay Costume Men Five Kasen

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Customer Reviews

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In love

Man, I've loved that outfit since it appeared in game and finally put my hands on it ! It's so simple yet so effective. I absolutely ADORE the texture of the green fabric, I believe it's the same you can find on SR Venti (or close enough. Either way, my nd ass is very happy about it) the cosplay is comfy and not too hot to wear to be able to wear it even when the weather gets better. Also for once, a Genshin cosplay without more accessories than fabrics, simple designs are nice sometimes 💕

Blake Gibson

perfect! does run pretty small though, my measurements technically fall under the L but I always size up, the XL barely fit comfortably with a 76cm waist

Lenora Konopelski

The costume was shipped in a plastic bag. The quality is pretty nice even for R quality. I really like the green/brown fabric. The ends of the sleeves are lock stitched, so I will probably sew them over myself to create a more finished look. The brown belt part is pretty small. It doesn’t list the waist measurement for this piece anywhere, but it is definitely smaller than the max 85cm they list for the pants. I really wouldn’t recommend it with a waist over 77cm (or even less). I’m sadly missing a golden belt for the waist cloth and messaged DokiDoki. Communication has been good so far. I haven’t received anything yet, but they told me they contacted the factory for a replacement piece and will ship it to me eventually!

Julia Wiese
I very much Love it!

It is perfekt, and i Love it very much! <3

Destinee Shanahan

I measured 1,70 meters and weight 63 kg. I didn't know if the XL was the best size and I got it right. The measures are small compared to the sizes the European ones. Very good cosplay with many details and good fabric a. Very happy.