【Ready For Ship】DokiDoki-R Genshin impact Scaramouche Cosplay Costume Men Five Kasen

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The hat is too big ,we can only ship it by E-packet or China post shipping separately

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El Carrot
Can this actually be a R cosplay???

This cosplay came in quickly and with extremely great quality!! It follows usual Dokidoki sizing, so I had no issue with fit at all, and the quality of the fabric almost had me wondering if i was sent the SR instead of the R! However, the R really just was using high quality fabric! Highly recommend!


This was my first time buying a cosplay, and I’m really impressed with the whole costume! It’s very comfortable, and the quality is great! I got an XL and I was a little nervous it wasn’t going to fit because my waist is larger than the measurements, but it fits perfectly! I’m very excited to wear it to the convention I’m going to.

Lisa Webster
Wonderful fabric

Great details and fabric! The fit was great! I am Small so it fit very well. Arrived quickly!

Nice cosplay

That's a good one, no weak things, all good

Exactly as displayed in the product showcase!

In my experience, the outfit is very comfortable and its quality feels great! Its appearance is exactly like what is shown on the website, I didn't spot any differences.

I ordered a large and it fits great (I'm 162cm)! My thighs are too wide (42.5cm circumference right above my knee) so it feels tight when I put the leg openings of the pants above my knee, but it's still great as the pants is long enough to go under my knees since the pants is poofy, and walking around is still very comfortable and easy. Unfortunately, the hat came somewhat deformed such that its rim is no longer circular (it's more of an oval) and the way it is bent looks a bit like a cowboy hat, but it still looks not too bad.

Delivery was really fast for the outfit (for me, transportation time for the outfit was 7 days)! For the hat which was shipped separately, its transporation time was 25 days which is in the range stated on the website, so it's good. Also, I don't think there were additional fees for the hat that I had to pay.

Dokidoki's customer service via email is very friendly and had answered all the queries that I had!

In conclusion, I think that if you like this outfit from what is shown on the website, I recommend buying it as its quality is great and you get what you see!