DokiDoki-R Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Cosplay Daki Women Sexy Costume Halloween

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Full set :bra, underpants , straps , stocking ,Hair Clasp*5 pairs .


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It looks great!

Okay so the obvious "how revealing is it actually?" and it depends! For me, the chest isn't really that revealing (they even add a little white, I call it "modesty fabric", in the middle.) Now it is a little... cheeky on me. But the adjustable Obi straps mean you can cover yourself if you want to. The Obi straps can be a little hard to move and I'm slightly worried I'll hit someone with them but they do keep their shape well. The hair accessories are fine. Cheap but get the job done! (I'm not wearing them in this photo because I didn't have my wig in yet)

Shera Wexteen
Daki Cosplay

C'est un très bon Cosplay la caliter et génial juste le devant de la culotte que je trouve légèrement petit mais sinon nickel je conseille

Samantha Warzecha
I love this Cosplay!

The Cosplay is very good quality and comfortable for me.
I am very happy about it!

Greetings Hummingbird Cosplay


1. Despite what the size chart says, if you have a wide back/ribcage, get a large. I got the medium and thankfully it fits, but only on the last hook

2. The straps may or may not fall off your shoulders. Mine do but thats cause i have a small torso so I'm going ti be tightening it

3. The hair pins are plastic which arent bad but the tips are like a fabric/felt kind of texture. Im planning on upgrading mine at a later point but pointing that out now.

4. The tails come with strings attached. They are for posing I'm guessing so do not cut them off (I mean if you want to i cant stop you lol) and they are fairly manipulative. They also come with two forms of attatchement. A metal piece and a ribbon. The ribbon is to tie around your waist, and the metal piece you slide into the bra(lette) before clipping in the hooks. (You're welcome)

5. The tights grip really well. I have large thighs so this was a huge concern of mine, especially because my thigh highs just roll down the second they're up. If yours don't stay up, sew them onto nude tights. But like I said they grip tight

6. Again about the pins, the gold pins did come broken and chipped (i was thankfully able to get another pair sent and none broken but still slightly chipped). Again I'm planning on replacing my pins later down the line but that's just a heads up.

7. The underwear is high waisted. Like very high waisted. But it covers. And i have a fairly large butt (Thank the gods it covered my butt).


9. The tails are a little flimsy so if you want them stiffuer I'd suggest uh, reinforcing them with something durable yet bendable

I'm not providing pictures just yet because I'm at work but will do so when I get back. All in all, its a good cosplay, but take into consuderation of all my points stated beforehand, and enjoy ^-^

Beatriz Shimada
Great cosplay

I should have bought a size smaller, but it didn’t bother me that much. It’s very pretty, but my only complaints are that the white part of the socks came with some stains, and the accessories aren’t that sturdy. I can fix it myself, but I found that the hair accessories and the attachment of the belt are a bit unsteady. But other than that, it’s a very pretty cosplay!
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