DokiDoki-R Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Cosplay Enmu Kagen no Ichi Costume Men Halloween

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Very Good!

First time buying from this website and I couldn't be happier. Very well made with good material for a cosplay costume, fit astoundingly for not even being custom sized, and all packaged and shipped very nicely. I've always struggled with cosplay sizing (Being short and thin but with very long legs) and the quality of it, but this cosplay fits me perfectly. The pants aren't too short and don't require a pinning and the waist of the jacket actually fits my body nicely and doesn't make me look like a box. Definitely buying from here again.

Jocelyn Hornung
Great cosplay

Cosplay came nice ! Sizing is not the best but great for price!

I’m in love

This is my 5th KNY Doki Doki outfit and quite frankly I’m mad at myself for not buying some of my past costumes from this store. It’s so pretty and comfortable, I only have one issue and it’s that the pants are a bit tight in the groin area, but besides from that it’s a beautiful costume! My Instagram is Undeadify

Fabienne Stutz
Could be better, could be worse

The shirt is great quality and fits like on the size chart, the jackets measurements on the other hand were too big, i had to sew it quite a bit tighter until it was shape fitting. The pants were honestly way too small and looked quite ugly in my opinion (its best to get a pair of plain grey business pants) overall the jacket, shirt and pants size seem quite disproportionate in correlation to eachother. The jacket was fraying a bit on the "tails" in the back but other than that the jacket was quite good quality as well.

Pros And Cons

I bought a small based on the measurements and I’ve always bought a small with other cosplays I have bought from here. The outfit looks nice and the jacket fits fine tho a bit big, the shirt is also a tiny bit big yet the sleeves are too short so you can’t see them under the jacket like your meant too. The trousers/pants are tight as hell and I can barely sit in them, this outfit it’s made for a stick, I’m not sure how they got the sizes so off with this cosplay, if I could have I would have liked the option of being able to select a different size bottom part since that seems to be a common problem for people. If the trousers were a medium with the small top half this would be a perfectly good cosplay but since I fear I will rip the trousers if I breathe or sit down that’s why I gave it a two star.